Full Tilt Poker Refunds To Begin Shortly

The Department of Justice (DOJ) have announced the appointment of claims administrators group Garden City Group (GCG) to manage the Full Tilt Poker (FTP) refunds to U.S Players, after accounts were frozen in 2011 (Black Friday).

FTP Poker US Refunds GCG

Claims Administrators Garden City Group are going to handle Full Tilt Poker claims

Full Tilt Poker Claims Administrator

Garden City Group were announced on Wednesday (March 13th) as being the people that are going to oversee the hopefully smooth return of funds to the US Full Tilt players that had their accounts frozen in 2011 following the events of Black Friday. The transition of funds has been a long time coming after the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker back in November 2012, where European players were granted access to their funds.

It is expected that the amount to be paid back to the awaiting poker players is somewhere around $150,000,000.

How to claim Full Tilt Poker refund

For any players asking “How do I claim my Full Tilt refund?” then the answer is *almost* simple..
Garden City Group (GCG) have set up a new website called fulltiltpokerclaims.com, where there is currently just an informative notice to those wishing to make a claim. Once the claims process begins, players will be able to submit a claim electronically.

In the meantime, the only information to go on is that “The victim claims process will begin shortly.”
This is still early days, as you aren’t yet able to register for e-mail notifications for when the process is going to begin. The “U.S. fraud victims will be able to seek compensation for their losses (“Petitions for Remission”).”  statement on the website suggests that the wheel is already in motion and people will be able to get some information soon.

I will keep up to date with any more news that is released regarding the Full Tilt Poker Refunds for US players over the coming weeks/months, as it seems after almost two years, American players may soon see their money again.


What’s happening with Full Tilt’s US Players?

Lately there have been a lot of rumours on social media regarding Full Tilt Poker, with many asking When Will US Players get their Full Tilt Refunds?
Well I am going to try and explain what we know is happening:

So far, we know that the Department Of Justice (DOJ) was said to start work on hiring a third party Claims Administrator in January 2013, this was announced in November last year, and there has been no announcement so far this year to suggest that this has or has not happened.

Full Tilt US Refunds

All that has been said regarding the remission of funds to US Poker Players so far this year is that an announcement is coming “soon” – however, there was no description of how “soon” that is going to be.

It is expected that once the claims administrator is appointed, there will be approximately $159,000,000 to be paid out to over 1.3 million former Full Tilt Poker players in the US, after their accounts were frozen back in April 2011.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to go on regarding this issue, however I will keep you posted as more information and dates are released regarding Full Tilt Poker.