Steve O’Dwyer wins European Poker Tour Main Event

Last night saw Steve O’Dwyer win the 9th season of the European Poker Tour Main Event, fending off over 531 players and beating many big names in poker such as Daniel Negreanu and Jake Cody to the top spot.

As you may have recently read, I have been keeping up a lot lately with online poker in the USA and following some of the major events such as the recent launch of Ultimate Poker in Nevada. Another one of my favourite poker habits, is following the European Poker Tour (EPT).

Last night saw O’Dwyer fend off some of the biggest and best poker players in the world to take the title, and eventually scooped the €1,224,000 prize!

Trying to keep as up to date as possible with the game on Twitter, it seems that O’Dwyer has lived up to his name and won one of the toughest games going.

Also in the final 8 were Jake Cody, one of my new poker idols that has managed to win some of the more impressive games lately with his aggressive playing style, and then of course, we have Daniel Negreanu, who, alongside Blom is definitely up there in my top 5 favourite poker players of all time. Eventually though, Negreanu, or @RealKidPoker as he is known on Twitter managed to walk away with €321,000 in prize money, still not a bad amount!


Ruben Visser crowned winner of EPT London

Ruben Visser, 24, has took the crown as the EPT London Main Event winner, after storming ahead of the 647 other players in the event, and taking home the £595,000 prize. The 6 day Main Event made for some interesting following online, as players like Steve O’Dwyer, Theo Jorgensen, and Chris Moorman all placed in the final 8.

In what turned out to be a lengthy final day of the Main Event, Visser came out on top, and followed up with a tweet saying: “Thanks everyone for the support and congratulations the past days! Still feels unreal” 

I certainly hope to see a lot more of Visser’s gameplay after EPT in London, whilst other players like Mantas Visockis and Oluf Haglund both gave an impressive performance too.

This takes Ruben’s total winnings to a jaw dropping $1,977,887 since he first started playing for live cash back in 2008, and it isn’t the first time Visser has made the headlines with his poker strategy, after finishing as a runner up at the EPT Grand Final three years ago, and again in the Deauville Main Event last year.
I’m sure you’ll join me in congratulating Ruben Visser on yet another hefty win at EPT London 2013.

European Poker Tour Final Table Line up

Back to the good news folks 😀 European Poker Tour (EPT) Final table has been reached. It has been a 5 long day’s marathon for participators to reach the final table. This is always very rewarding by itself, doesn’t mention the huge final table pay-outs and the honour that it brings

889 players have began the storm of EPT mountain in Deauville earlier this week. Only 8 of them remain for the battle for EPT title. The player who will leave the table first will scope an amazing €67,200, so there is nothing to worry about.
You can find the list of all the players left along with some additional information below:

1st Paul Guichard has 5,955,000 chips, he is French player mainly known Unfortunately Paul doesn’t have any live tournament experience
2nd Vadzim Kursevich has 5,670,000 and is currently holding the second stack size. A player from Belorussia who is mainly famous for his 3rd place finish at EPT 2011 and €300,000 win.
3rd Olivier Rogez 4,415,000 with his 3ed place he feels quite comfortable and ready to show some action.
4th Bruno Jais 3,450,000 is an Italian PokerStars Pro player. He is considered as one of the most successful European poker Tour players; however he doesn’t own the title yet.
5th Vuong Than Trong is currently ranked on position 5th 2,570,000 holding a middle stack worth 42 Big Blinds.
6th Luca Pagano 2,010,000 is an Italian PokerStars Pro player. He is considered as one of the most successful European poker Tour players; however he doesn’t own the title yet.
7th Yorane Kerignard 1,680,000 A French pro with almost $500,000 in career winnings. Yorane has always cashed in twice, finishing 4th and 6th in the previous EPT events.
8th Mick Graydon 960,000 Mick is an Irish poker player, who has the shortest stack with only 16 BB left, in order to stay alive Mick needs to shuffle all in as soon as he gets ATs+ Or 88+ .

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