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Guy Laliberte
Guy Laliberte (Laliberté) can be definitely considered as one of the top Poker Guys. He was born on September 2nd, 1959 in Canada.  Guy has been awarded with the Order of Canada and National Order of Quebec which is a civilian honour for merit in Quebec. He is well known for his entrepreneurism, poker, and philanthropic activity. He is the current CEO of Cirque du Soleil, and has been traveling to space for 10 days as a space tourist. Guy Laliberte has an estimated new worth of $2,500,000,000. On top of all this he is also a proud father of 5 kids.

Poker Guy Laliberte


Guy Laliberte is known in the poker world for his courage and fearlessness of playing against world top poker players like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, Doyle Brunson and many others on the high limit cash games. This poker guy has finished 4th at the WPT (World Poker Tour) season 5 event at Bellagio casino in Las Vegas, winning himself $696k. Poker Guy Laliberte is a frequent participator on TV high stakes poker games.  He has appeared on High Stakes Poker season 4, Poker after Dark season 4, Full Tilt Poker high stakes games and others.

Guy Laliberte has also announced a $1,000,000 (one million dollar) buy-in tournament, which will be included In World Series of Poker 2012. He states that part of the prize pool will be donated to his charity organisation – “One Drop Foundation”

Pius Heinz

Source: Isaac Brekken, AP - USA Today

Pius Heinz
If you are still wondering who won the WSOP 2011 Main Event, the answer is simple –Pius Heinz.
Pius Heinz is considered as one of the top Poker Guys now. He proved to be a respected poker player after winning the WSOP Main event, earning $8,715,638.00.

The 22 years old poker guy, Pius Heinz is originally from Cologne in Germany and is the first player ever winning the title from that country.  That is the third time that Pius Heinz won a huge prize in Poker. He finished 7th in the 42nd World Series of Poker 2011 WSOP No Limit Hold’em on 28th June 2011, winning $83,000, and EPT Barcelona Season 8 / Estrellas Poker Tour Season 2, finishing first and earning $25,032 on 30th August 2011

Martin Staszko

Martin Staszko has finished 2ndin the WSOP 2011 Main Event, earning $5,433,086. Martin Staszko is a Czech Republic citizen from Trinec. He claims that he learned how to play poker by

reading books and having a lot of practice.  Martin Stazsko is the first poker guy from Czech Republic who made it to the final table. He is considered as being more of an online player than a real life tournament player.

Ben Lamb


Congratulations to poker guy Ben Lamb, a 26 years old player from Las Vegas in the USA. Ben Lamb finished 3rdin the WSOP 2011 Main event earning 2,157,247. He is a professional poker player who started playing

poker back in 2006, since then he has climbed up the limits earning him a professional poker player title. He had a quite lucky run during last year, however after finishing 3rd I think that his success can be safely put down to skill rather than luck. He had to beat 6,863 players in the WSOP main event to claim his 3rd place. Great work from a world renowned Poker Guy!

Alexa Fisher


Alexa Fisher is actually more of a Poker Girl rather than a Poker Guy. She was born in 2003 in Texas and is considered the youngest poker player on the Earth. When she was 3 years-old her father began to teach her maths by using standard poker cards. She says that she was inspired by the first WSOP she has ever seen. Her favourite poker guy is Greg Raymor who is a 2004 WSOP Main Event Champion. Unfortunately Alexa Fisher can’t participate in any official real Money Tournaments and Cash Games because of the age restriction. But she has been actively participating in all sort of Charity Poker Tournaments. And it seams that is the only opportunity she has until she will be 21 years old. Not only Alexa Fisher is famous for your young age, but also for your poker dedication, in fact she has preferred a trip to Vegas rather than going to Disney Land. Alexa Fisher is a very determined in what she is doing, she personally says that:

‘I know how to shuffle and deal the cards, raise, check, fold, and bluff. I also know how to play deuce-to-seven Lowball, H.O.R.S.E., and Badugi.

‘I can now play any poker game with the best poker players in the world.

‘With me being a girl, when I am a professional poker player I hope I can inspire other girls and women to play poker too.’

So let’s just hope that everything will work out great for a young pro. Good Luck Alexa.



Randy “nanonoko” Lew 

A 25 years-old guy called Randy Lew also known as nanonoko is famous for his high online performance. Randy was among few who were able to claim legendary Supernova Elite status on Poker Stars, to be fair Randy Lew were able to do it 3 years straight, in 2008, 2009, 2010. The interesting fact is that nanonoko was able to climb this mountain by playing mid-stake games, which usually are $5/$10 in NL Holdem SH Tables. By playing more than 16 tables at the time Randy was able to make his first million in cash at the rate of 5,555 hands per day, which is more than 2 million hands per year.  The average return of investment for this pro is 2.89 per 100 hands.

Randy tried to climb higher limits, like $25/$50 HU But unfortunately was unsuccessful, however he was able to recover from dramatic loses at his regular limits. After joining PokerStars Online Pro back in 2008, nanonoko was able to win more than $2 million in profit, not including the rake back bonuses.


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