Ultimate Poker launches in Nevada, USA

Yesterday saw Ultimate Poker launch online poker in Nevada, USA for the first time. As we all know, online poker has been very up in the air in the United States in recent years following the events of Black Friday and the two years of frozen accounts for US Full Tilt players, which has recently been announced as being handled by GCG to get US players their Full Tilt Refunds.

The new online poker site has had some good reviews since it’s launch and players in Nevada can visit ultimatepoker.com as long as they are over 21 years of age and are playing in Nevada, other players are able to register an account but aren’t allowed to play online until they arrive in Nevada.

Ultimate Poker comes to Nevada

If you have been keeping up with some of my recent posts you will know that I have a keen interest for online poker and especially like to keep up to date with what’s happening in the US. So far, 2013 looks to me as though it is going to be a good year for poker, with the launch of Ultimate Poker, “America’s first and only regulated online real money poker site.” and the fantastic news that those that had their full tilt accounts frozen are finally getting to hear some news on the handling of the funds in their accounts.

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What has happened to Virgin Poker?

Many of you may be asking, what’s happened to Virgin Poker?, well I hope to give some answers here:

Virgin Games have removed Poker from their site, after being acquired by Gamesys, but keeping the Virgin branding.
After the new Virgin games website went live on January 29th, the games now available are; Slots, Casino, and Bingo.

Where has Virgin Poker gone?

Virgin Games have said that they are going to look at adding a Poker platform sometime in the future, but for the near future there seem to be no signs of it returning.
For players that have money in Virgin Poker accounts, that money can be redeemed by logging into your Virgin Games wallet, and withdrawing the funds from there. When players sign up, they are asked to agree to new Terms and Conditions for the site.

Gamesys, the group that has acquired Virgin Games, was created in 2001 have taken on Virgin Games in an attempt to widen their reach in the European online gaming market, with Virgin Games being around since 2004, they certainly will have a large fanbase and a whole new audience.
Talking about the acquisition, Richard Branson said: “We are delighted the Gamesys Group has acquired Virgin Games and formed a partnership to build a global games business. Simon Burridge and his team built a strong platform and now with the help of the Gamesys Group we can expand further internationally.”

Until Virgin Games announce a new Poker platform, there are many other Poker sites available to play on, but don’t think you’ve seen the last of Virgin Poker yet..

Jake Cody joins PokerStars

Jake Cody, 24 is announced as latest member of Team PokerStars

Jake Cody has been announced as the latest member of Team PokerStars by Daniel Negreanu, shortly before Day 1B of PCA Main Event in the Bahamas commenced.

The 24 year old from Brimington, England first appeared on the European tournament scene in 2010 when he participated in some major events, winning €857,000 in Deauville in January, and then £273, 783 at the Main Event of the World Poker Tour in London in August. He also revealed that since he began playing online poker, he deposited an initial $10 and has not yet deposited since.

The announcement that he had joined Team PokerStars came on Wednesday, after he left PKR a few months ago (He joined Team PKR Pro in November 2011). Clearly it didn’t take him long to find a new sponsor.

After being announced as the latest member by Negreanu, Cody said: “Team PokerStars Pro is the holy grail of poker sponsorship. It has been a long term goal for a while now and for it to finally happen feels like a dream come true.”

Negreanu, after making an introductory speech for the new Poker Pro, turned to Cody and presented him with a Team PokerStars Pro patch infront of everybody gathered for the Day 1B of the PCA Main Event. He followed with “And it’s official, Good luck my man.”

After the events caught up with him, and it all settled in, Cody said that it was a dream come true, and that he just wants to win. Now that’s fighting talk!

Jake Cody Triple Crown Winner

Jake shouldn’t be put off by the media attention and masses of Poker players and fans that were gathered at the event where his sponsorship was announced, as at the young age of 24, he has already achieved the title of Youngest Triple Crown Winner.
He achieved this title by winning the following events:

Jake Cody, Team PokerStars Pro

€5000 EPT Deauville, €857,000 ($1.2m) in January 2010
£5000 WPT London, £273,783 ($425k) in August 2010
$25,000 WSOP Heads Up Championship, ($851k) in May 2011.

This brings his overall Live Tournament winnings to a massive $3,156,032. So it really is no wonder that PokerStars wanted to snap the Brit up as their latest Poker Pro.

After a quiet year in 2012, due to not playing many live games, he is determined to bounce back this year and show the Poker World what he’s made of.
In 2012, Jake earned $54,988, meaning it wasn’t his best year, however, with his $3+ million career earnings, AND a sponsorship with PokerStars, he definitely has a lot to look forward to in 2013.

Betfair Poker moves to Playtech’s iPoker

Betfair are going to open a Poker Room on Playtech’s iPoker network, which has already got over 6 million customers. The move shows the end of Betfair’s relationship with Ongame, the existing provider. The new Betfair Poker is going to be offered to their existing customers later in January, with it being expected to become widely available in July this year.

The news comes shortly after it was reported that Betfair suffered an 11% drop in net gaming revenues, as the number of players decreased from 93,000 to 85,000 over the year.

Sam Hobcraft of Betfair said “Our intention has always been to offer our customers a rewarding and varied poker experience. Launching ‘New Betfair Poker’ on Playtech’s platform will help us to continue to achieve this goal.”

There have been rumours of a move to iPoker for Betfair for quite some time now, however Betfair have always dismissed them. It was announced in September last year that Betfair were turning to Playtech for their Italian and French customers. The move is thought to add between 10 and 15 percent to iPoker Network’s traffic.

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Full Tilt Poker Signs Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom join Full Tilt

In the lead up to the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker (FTP), it has surfaced that Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom have both been signed by Full Tilt. The news came forward on Monday, when the former 2nd largest online poker room in the world announced the signing of the two pros, Tom Dwan (durrrr) and Viktor Blom (Isildur1). A few years ago, both Dwan and Blom were two of “The Professionals” at Full Tilt, where they competed against each other and others such as Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius. This attracted many players to the site at the time.
PokerStars announced in January 2011 that they were signing Isildur1 (Later revealed to be Viktor Blom). Blom then left PokerStars in August 2012, and gave no reason for doing so. This created widespread speculation that he left in order to be signed for Full Tilt when it relaunches in November.

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How To Get to WSOP Main Event for Free?

The social network is just going crazy with all those conversations about World Series of Poker and who is going to win it. The thing is, that a lot of people are not able to afford the high buy in for the main event, which stands at $10,000.00. Luckily for most of us Daniel Junglman Cates has set up Challenge that will allow you to take part in WSOP Main Event for Free – this includes free accommodation, transport and buy in.

All you have to do is film a video of you making a good deed and send in to Junglman. Here is a list of what a good deed might include:

  • Help an old lady to make it across the road
  • Hold the door for people behind you, especially if the person behind is carrying packages, bags or kids.
  • Donate blood
  • Visit a nursing home just to chat with some of the residents, as many of them don’t get regular visitors.

Those are only an examples of good deeds you can make. Don’t forget that they have to be videotaped, so basically your long term effort is not required…here is a full list of steps you need to take in order to qualify for the WSOP Main Event free package:

  1. To enter tweet your Youtube video link mentioning @junglemandan and @partypoker
  2. You must not have played in any WSOP $10,000 Main Event in a previous year
  3. Open to participants over the age of 21 only
  4. You may enter as many times as you like
  5. Any entries submitted after 20th June will be deemed invalid
  6. Seat is non-transferable, prize is non-transferable
  7. You are responsible for your own transportation and accommodation in Las Vegas (I’ll refund the flight and room though)
  8. You will be contacted immediately if you have won

You can find the official video from Daniel Cates on the partypoker.com blog section. Since jungleman is now a partypoker representative you might want to check the Party Poker review  at poker.gamble.co.uk


Any Full Tilt Poker News?

Hi there guys.
I’m working as hard as I can to gather at least some kind of information or news on Full Tilt Poker, but it seems the internet is down for any FTP related materials. Despite Daniel Neagranu’s statement about Full Tilt Poker and money return issue I’m still pretty optimistic about the money concern. I stay pretty come with the thought that Full Tilt owners will have to return all the cash back to players before they can be called trustworthy again.

Daniel Negreanu on Full Tilt Poker

Just saw the last video blog post from Daniel Negreanu,
If you look what he has to say it seems that he is absolutely sure about the fact that players are not getting their money back from Full Tilt Poker. I’m not sure if there are some legitimate evidence behind that or it is just what he feels, however the good thing is that what he says doesn’t collaborate with what FTP new owners have said in their last statement.

So we have Daniel Negreanu on one side and FTP owners on the other with totally different approaches towards the issue.

How Much Money Do You Have Stuck in Full Tilt?

Is PokerStars Taking Over Full Tilt Poker?

Dramatic Full Tilt news has been revealed yesterday. It seems that PokerStars might take over Full Tilt Poker for good. However there is absolutely nothing for Full Tilt players to worry about. Rumour has it that PokerStars will refund all FTP players money. The GBT Attorney points that there were two main reasons of what went wrong with purchasing FTP:

One of them was that Group Bernard Tapie couldn’t reach an agreement about repayment to players. The second point of concern was the interpretation of the deal in different countries outside the US.

GBT Attorney Dayanim comments on PokerStars rumour:

“If there is a deal with PokerStars, it very well could be the case that they decided that the two risks I just outlined were acceptable in light of an overall resolution to the DOJ legal position. They could have decided that those risks were small in the grand scheme of their situation, and that they would therefore be willing to deal with them.”

There is a post on 2+2 Forums that stresses:

PokerStars has reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to buy FTP. The things I heard:

• All players will be refunded 100%
• Both sites back online
• Both sites have promotions
• Employees remain in both places

The PokerStars themselves released the following statement:

“We’ve had a lot of enquiries and there’s lots of speculation on the forums, so I wanted to address the PokerStars chatter. As you know, PokerStars is in settlement discussions with the U.S. Department of Justice. As such settlement discussions are always confidential, we are unable to comment on rumors. As soon as we have information to share publicly we will do so.” – Eric Hollreiser, Head of Corporate Communications, PokerStars

Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO of Chilipoker, tweeted “PokerStars buys Full Tilt for a consideration of $750m, including settlement with DOJ and full balances of players ($330m). I’m impressed”.

It also looks like Full Tilt Poker will be soon available for US players as well. That is great news for USA Poker players. So everything is going well for Full Tilt, either way the players from Europe and rest of the world will get their money pretty soon.

Don’t forget to check back as I will be posting some major updates. I will also try to summarize everything I find on the internet, so you will not have to look in different sources all the time my friends 🙂

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