Jake Cody joins PokerStars

Jake Cody, 24 is announced as latest member of Team PokerStars

Jake Cody has been announced as the latest member of Team PokerStars by Daniel Negreanu, shortly before Day 1B of PCA Main Event in the Bahamas commenced.

The 24 year old from Brimington, England first appeared on the European tournament scene in 2010 when he participated in some major events, winning €857,000 in Deauville in January, and then £273, 783 at the Main Event of the World Poker Tour in London in August. He also revealed that since he began playing online poker, he deposited an initial $10 and has not yet deposited since.

The announcement that he had joined Team PokerStars came on Wednesday, after he left PKR a few months ago (He joined Team PKR Pro in November 2011). Clearly it didn’t take him long to find a new sponsor.

After being announced as the latest member by Negreanu, Cody said: “Team PokerStars Pro is the holy grail of poker sponsorship. It has been a long term goal for a while now and for it to finally happen feels like a dream come true.”

Negreanu, after making an introductory speech for the new Poker Pro, turned to Cody and presented him with a Team PokerStars Pro patch infront of everybody gathered for the Day 1B of the PCA Main Event. He followed with “And it’s official, Good luck my man.”

After the events caught up with him, and it all settled in, Cody said that it was a dream come true, and that he just wants to win. Now that’s fighting talk!

Jake Cody Triple Crown Winner

Jake shouldn’t be put off by the media attention and masses of Poker players and fans that were gathered at the event where his sponsorship was announced, as at the young age of 24, he has already achieved the title of Youngest Triple Crown Winner.
He achieved this title by winning the following events:

Jake Cody, Team PokerStars Pro

€5000 EPT Deauville, €857,000 ($1.2m) in January 2010
£5000 WPT London, £273,783 ($425k) in August 2010
$25,000 WSOP Heads Up Championship, ($851k) in May 2011.

This brings his overall Live Tournament winnings to a massive $3,156,032. So it really is no wonder that PokerStars wanted to snap the Brit up as their latest Poker Pro.

After a quiet year in 2012, due to not playing many live games, he is determined to bounce back this year and show the Poker World what he’s made of.
In 2012, Jake earned $54,988, meaning it wasn’t his best year, however, with his $3+ million career earnings, AND a sponsorship with PokerStars, he definitely has a lot to look forward to in 2013.


Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom Makes $2.4 million in first week of 2013

Viktor Blom, or “Isildur1” is up $2.4 million in just the first week of 2013! Not only is this a great start to the New Year, but it is also the biggest streak he has had since his baffling run in Autumn 2009.

Viktor Blom started 2013 by winning a rather large $564,000 against Alex “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn at the start of the new year, but then went on to beat his new year record almost instantly, by logging two $700,000 winning sessions  in the days that followed.

Playing 7,903 hands in the last 7 days, Blom has certainly started as he means to go in this year, after a few notable wins against Alex Luneau and Scott Seiver, and also a few victories against SallyWoo in the Omaha-8 tables, SallyWoo is yet to be identified.
If Blom’s recent success continues the way it has, he can expect to beat players such as Ben Sulsky who won $3.5 million throughout 2012, as Blom has already managed to win 60% of that in the first 7 days of the year.

Let’s hope Blom continues to play the way he is, as we all remember what happened in 2009 when he started playing multiple tables at once, and then started to lose large sums of money to Ivey, Antonius, and Hastings.

So exactly what happened at the table which resulted in Blom walking away with this amount of money?

At the start, Viktor lost approximately $130,000 when he was playing against people like PostFlopAction and Alexonmoon, however he managed to rake all of this back at a seperate table, where he was again playing PostflopAction but managed to take $142,500 in total. Playing again later, he managed to take another $86,000.
As the week continued, he then lost a total amount of $194,000 to a couple of players including cottonseed1, and again he returned later to try and win back some of his days losses, totalling $95k.
It certainly worked out for Mr Blom when he went up against Alexonmoon in a session that lasted approximately 3 hours, and managed to take a grand total of $360,000 before deciding to take another break from the poker table.
As mentioned earlier, he played an unidentified player, SallyWoo later in the day, and managed to bag himself another $93k at the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables.
After one last game later on, he took a final $100k, leaving his profits with Full Tilt now at $343k

Full Tilt Poker Real Money Goes Live

Relaunch of FTP makes $184 million available

After Full Tilt Poker (FTP) went offline in June 2011, players all over the world had their accounts frozen and could no longer withdraw and funds they had in them. After relaunching on Tuesday 6th November at 12 noon GMT, the now PokerStars owned company allowed it’s users to play at it’s once massive tables once again. Many players took to Twitter to announce their happiness and rejoice at the return of their beloved FTP.
In an attempt by FTP to keep its returning players once it relaunched, they announced the Deal Me In promotion which offered multiple incentives for players to remain with them once they had access to their accounts. They also drummed up a lot of interest around their group of ambassadors, “The Professionals”, including Viktor Blom, Gus Hansen, and Tom Dwan.

The Deal Me In promotion included;

  • $250,000 in Freeroll tournaments – running from the 6th-11th November. It will feature $250,000 in prize money, and the prize pools will increase in size on a daily basis, with $10,000 to be won in each of the 10 tournaments scheduled for November 11th.
  • Ticket Sale – Players have the ability to turn their Full Tilt Poker points into real money prizes through Tournament Tickets and Ring Game Tickets from the Store. There will also be discounted tickets available for a number of different games and tournaments, including FTOPS events.
  • Deal Me In Bonus Package – For those taking part in the promotion, Full Tilt has offered it’s largest ever bonus package for real money players. They shall recweive a minimum of $200 plus a FREE Rush Poker Ring game ticket. This offer is extended to new players once they begin playing real-money games.
  • Happy Hour Week  -Double Full Tilt Points 24/7 across different games every day. Players can still use these points to purchase the already discounted tickets during the Ticket Sale, which offers even more value for money.

After the assets were acquired by Rational Group back in July in a deal that involved the US Department of Justice, PokerStars agreed to pay back worldwide customers, and forfeit $731 million to the Department of Justice, which is in charge of the repayments for U.S players.

FTP players in Spain, Denmark, France, Belgium, and Estonia are unable to play real-money games on Full Tilt currently, however they can withdraw their account balances through PokerStars.
Now that Full Tilt is a sister site of PokerStars, it can reach out to most online poker players around the world, and allows easy transers of cash between the two.

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Full Tilt Poker Signs Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom join Full Tilt

In the lead up to the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker (FTP), it has surfaced that Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom have both been signed by Full Tilt. The news came forward on Monday, when the former 2nd largest online poker room in the world announced the signing of the two pros, Tom Dwan (durrrr) and Viktor Blom (Isildur1). A few years ago, both Dwan and Blom were two of “The Professionals” at Full Tilt, where they competed against each other and others such as Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius. This attracted many players to the site at the time.
PokerStars announced in January 2011 that they were signing Isildur1 (Later revealed to be Viktor Blom). Blom then left PokerStars in August 2012, and gave no reason for doing so. This created widespread speculation that he left in order to be signed for Full Tilt when it relaunches in November.

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How To Get to WSOP Main Event for Free?

The social network is just going crazy with all those conversations about World Series of Poker and who is going to win it. The thing is, that a lot of people are not able to afford the high buy in for the main event, which stands at $10,000.00. Luckily for most of us Daniel Junglman Cates has set up Challenge that will allow you to take part in WSOP Main Event for Free – this includes free accommodation, transport and buy in.

All you have to do is film a video of you making a good deed and send in to Junglman. Here is a list of what a good deed might include:

  • Help an old lady to make it across the road
  • Hold the door for people behind you, especially if the person behind is carrying packages, bags or kids.
  • Donate blood
  • Visit a nursing home just to chat with some of the residents, as many of them don’t get regular visitors.

Those are only an examples of good deeds you can make. Don’t forget that they have to be videotaped, so basically your long term effort is not required…here is a full list of steps you need to take in order to qualify for the WSOP Main Event free package:

  1. To enter tweet your Youtube video link mentioning @junglemandan and @partypoker
  2. You must not have played in any WSOP $10,000 Main Event in a previous year
  3. Open to participants over the age of 21 only
  4. You may enter as many times as you like
  5. Any entries submitted after 20th June will be deemed invalid
  6. Seat is non-transferable, prize is non-transferable
  7. You are responsible for your own transportation and accommodation in Las Vegas (I’ll refund the flight and room though)
  8. You will be contacted immediately if you have won

You can find the official video from Daniel Cates on the partypoker.com blog section. Since jungleman is now a partypoker representative you might want to check the Party Poker review  at poker.gamble.co.uk


Iserieslive Poker Betting Event in Ireland

Couldn’t find anything on Full Tilt today guys. 😦

However, thanks to Daniel Negreanu found some other great news for poker players :). A major poker betting event takes place in Ireland on 5th of April 2012 organised by Paddypower called – Iserieslive . So basically it is a poker tournament event that involves some of the best players in the world. As far as I’m concerned you can only get their through special invitation which is hard to get unless you are a professional poker player. BUT you have a great chance to win some cash by making special bets, this opportunity is provided by paddypower.

There are different market offers for this event, some of the top ones are: First Elimination betting, Top 2 Finish betting, Daniel Negreanu Finishing Position, Hellmuth vs Negreanu Player Matchbet, Negreanu & Hellmuth vs The Field and many others.

I personally have never tried betting myself, but since it is a poker related event I might go for it! 🙂 I haven’t yet  decided what my plans are, but I will let you know as soon as I will make up my mind.

Neagranu about Full Tilt Poker

According to http://www.compatiblepoker.com here is what Daniel Negreanu said about Full Tilt Poker players:

“The players are not getting paid,” said Negreanu. “It’s over. It’s gone. Forget it. I’m telling you now. Tapie ain’t paying nobody. The deal is falling through. You lost your money. It’s just not gonna happen.”

Hope Negreanu is wrong!

Howard Lederer on Full Tilt Poker

I found this video of Howard Lederer (former FTP co-owner) saying “We will make a comment on Full Tilt Poker” when ready, I was actually happy to see   some comments on FTP from the former owners, until I saw that the actual video has been posted almost a year ago lol.

It is  actually funny that Howard Lederer hasn’t found any time to comment on FTP for a year, wheras I think he had plenty of reasons.