Ultimate Poker launches in Nevada, USA

Yesterday saw Ultimate Poker launch online poker in Nevada, USA for the first time. As we all know, online poker has been very up in the air in the United States in recent years following the events of Black Friday and the two years of frozen accounts for US Full Tilt players, which has recently been announced as being handled by GCG to get US players their Full Tilt Refunds.

The new online poker site has had some good reviews since it’s launch and players in Nevada can visit ultimatepoker.com as long as they are over 21 years of age and are playing in Nevada, other players are able to register an account but aren’t allowed to play online until they arrive in Nevada.

Ultimate Poker comes to Nevada

If you have been keeping up with some of my recent posts you will know that I have a keen interest for online poker and especially like to keep up to date with what’s happening in the US. So far, 2013 looks to me as though it is going to be a good year for poker, with the launch of Ultimate Poker, “America’s first and only regulated online real money poker site.” and the fantastic news that those that had their full tilt accounts frozen are finally getting to hear some news on the handling of the funds in their accounts.

For those that are new to online poker or want to improve your game, visit the poker school at poker.gamble.co.uk for tips, strategies and odds.


2013 WSOP Schedule Announced

The Schedule for the 2013 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) has been announced.

I, along with many other Poker Players have been expecting the announcement for some time, and finally Caesars Entertainment and official WSOP came forward on February 15th to put us out of our misery.
The 44th annual WSOP is going to run from May 29th through to July 15th, 2013.
With three months until the event kicks off, we have plenty of time to improve our play and ready ourselves for the challenge!

The event starts on May 29th, and is going to consist of 62 events, with a lot of focus no doubt being put on the $10,000 Championship Event. According to the news article on wsop.com, the “November Nine” is to go ahead again, starting on July 15th, and then will be played on November 4th and 5th.

WSOP 2013 Dates

WSOP 2013 Dates announced – May 29th – July 16th Source: http://www.masterspokerclub.com/the-WSOP-2013-dates-are-set-n169

The event I personally am most looking forward to is the Millionaire Maker, or ‘Event #6’ that starts on June 1st. I think it’s going to attract a lot of media attention and get a lot of players interested, as the winner receives a guaranteed $1 million regardless of how many people enter the event.
Of course, the famous Casino Employees Event is going ahead this year, and is going to commence on May 29th, the day it all kicks off.

Sadly. after the success of 2012’s “Big One For One Drop” event, it has been confirmed that it won’t be making an appearance this year, although after talking to people on Twitter and through various news articles online, it is heavily speculated that it will be returning in 2014. This year though, there will be two smaller versions, the “One Drop High Roller” and the “Little One For One Drop” which will apparently feature a $111,111 and $1,111 buy-in respectively.

A different tournament that is said not to be appearing in this year’s WSOP, but could possibly make an appearance in the future, is the Open Face Chinese Poker, not much has been mentioned about it online, but i will be keeping an eye out and updating as more news is released, in the mean time, read the How To Play guide of Open Face Chinese Poker at CardPlayer.com

Beginner Poker Tips

For those of you that are new, or even experienced in Poker, here are some beginner poker tips to help your play and improve your skill:

Beginners Poker Tips

First of all, learn what hands are best to play, and learn that not every hand is going to win. When you first join a Poker table, it’s easy to get carried away and think that playing hundreds of hands is going to make you win hundreds of times – it isn’t.

Obviously, if you are wanting to start from scratch and build up your knowledge, my advice would be to not play for real money at first, get used to the game, get used to losing, because it is going to happen, even the best Pro Poker Players lose.

If you’re playing land based games, practice your Poker Face, the key is to show no expressions, especially when you are dealt cards. The one thing that other players can see at a table is your face, if they look at you when you pick up your cards and see a big cheesy grin, they know you have a good hand. Alternatively, if you are dealt a rubbish hand, DO NOT sigh or show that you are disappointed, because this will only cause other players to raise their stakes, forcing you to fold. If other players think they have as much chance at winning the game as you, they are going to be more cautious, and play less aggressively.
Don’t get too hung up on this though, bluffing is only a minor factor of how to be successful at poker, and for the most part, you wont even use it (especially if you’re playing online).
At first it is definitely better to concentrate on playing better hands than bluffing, as you need to keep your head in the game and not let anything distract you.

One of the most obvious, but not often put into practice rules is to play against people that aren’t as experienced at poker as you. Much like taking candy from a baby, if you play on lower stakes tables where beginners are playing, they are less likely to have an upper hand on you, and can often, but not always, lead to a victory for you. Of course, if you are a beginner yourself, playing on the lower stakes tables is a must, and concentrate on the game until you know how to play. Don’t worry, not everyone you are playing is going to have more experience than you, as often, when people play lower stakes tables for more frequent wins, they often get bored and go on to the higher stakes to win more money.

Another point to consider when learning, is that other people on the table are also playing poker, and think they are going to win just as much as you. This is when you should start to take notice of opponent’s cards and how they are playing. If they appear to be playing aggressively, they probably have a strong hand, and chances are, if you aren’t playing aggressively, it is stronger than yours. Beware though, because this could be bluffing too.
If you do have a weak hand though, it is wise to fold, especially if other players are playing hard and raising large amounts of money, remember, you aren’t always going to win.

How To Play Poker

Something that comes before all of this though, is that you need to know how to play poker. Sitting down and playing random hands without knowing the strength of them, or what it is you’re trying to achieve, is not going to get you anywhere. There are various different places you can visit to read up on poker, obviously there are many books out there such as “The Virgin Guide to Poker” by Alex Tanner, and obviously there are some good quality websites out there that will teach you in the form of an online course.

Finally, play it safe. If you are still at the table with all but one or two other players having folded, chances are, they are just as likely to have cards as good as yours, if you’re not confident you are going to win, play it safe and fold, unless you’re feeling lucky!

World Poker Tour (WPT) Launches Poker Trainer

World Poker Tour (WPT) have launched a Poker Trainer in the form of an iPhone/iPod/iPad app, available through iTunes. The Poker Trainer app aims to teach people how to play certain hands, with 5 different hands available before you have to purchase the full version.
The app is very interactive with things you do, for example, the second you make a move, the app gives you feedback on your move, and gives an opinion on the move. The hands available don’t let players have as wide a choice of actions available as there are in actual online poker, but the graphics, and speed of the trainer app make up for this.

As the WPT Poker Trainer app is developed with the help of professional poker players, the information you recieve is good quality and it allows you to actually learn how to play properly.

The WPT Poker Trainer is said to plan on launching a new hand pack each month, so players can easily improve their skills over a range of different hands.
Players earn ProCoins when they make a move, and if you don’t earn three coins, the Trainer App tells you what you are doing wrong, and suggests ways to improve your moves, and in turn, the way you play poker.
This is handy, as new players can be stumped by the amount of terms and phrases professional poker players use, and the WPT Poker App simply navigates you through everything so you can pick up on different words and phrases as you learn.

This is also handy because the coins you earn can be used to purchase different Bonus Packs, which again, in turn gives you more information on different hands, and in theory will improve your skills as a poker player. Some of the other hands available are Continuation Betting, odds, and pre flop play.

The World Poker Tour Poker Trainer App has recieved some very positive reviews from different people on the internet, with many taking to Twitter to say how pleased they are with the app. Some people are mentioning that they don’t agree with all the advice being given to them on the app, but it is just opinion from professionals that is there to help.

All the reviews I have read online on different websites and on social media suggest that the app is extremely helpful and detailed when it comes to giving you information and tips when you make a move, which newcomers are very interested in.
Not only is the app helpful to newcomers, but people are saying that it is very helpful if you have an idea of how to play Texas Hold ‘Em, as it helps people improve the way they are playing.

Don’t forget, you can look at a number of different Poker Strategies and Hands at poker.gamble.co.uk as well as view the latest News and much more.

Poker Hand I Played Today on NL $1000

Here is a good hand I played today (not because I won it :))

Hold’em No Limit Heads Up ($5/$10 USD)
SB (Hero) $1250
BB $990 (25/13/9/33)

Preflop: ($15) Hero is SB with 9A
Hero Raises $20, BB Calls $10,

Flop: ($45) (2 players) 293
BB bets $30, Hero calls $30,

Turn: ($105) (2 players) 8
BB checks, Hero bets $75, BB raises $200, Hero calls $125

River: ($460) K (2 players)
BB bets $230, Hero Calls $230

Final Pot: $920
Hero (SB) shows 9A (pair of nines)
BB shows 10J (King high)

Hero wins the pot.

This is  a good example of how your read might results in decent +EV. I noticed that this aggressive post flop opponent likes to bet his draws. The board was very dry to I decided that favourite most of the time on board like that. I was not afraid of set or overpair as a player like that would slow play it. SO the only hand that did make sense for that kind of opponent was a good draw.

Zoom Poker Strategy on PokerStars

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I wrote some poker guidance and tips (simply because I was busy with some other stuff like finding latest news on Full Tilt 🙂 . Anyway, I decided to write a short guide on Zoom Poker Strategy on PokerStars. I will not go in to details for every tips assuming you already know the basic and you don’t need in-depth analysis.

ok here goes:

General Zoom Poker Trend can be described as: WAIT FOR THE GOOD HAND AND RAIS – that is why we want to exploit this trend for our benefit and profit:

Rule #1 – Use Statistic on your opponents (for example Holdem Manager)
Rule #2 If you see a raise from UTG they guy probably has QQ+ AKo+ so there’s no value for you to call unless you have a pocket pair for set value on the flop
Rule #3 You have to exploit the general trend by raising marginal hands. It means you can add extra 5% from your average PFR range. No one will ever call you unless they have a proper hand, and even if they do they will fold 66% of the time on Flop CB
Rule #4 You have to 3bet more often with block hands especially if the raiser is in MP+
Rule #5 You have to defend your blinds, as a lot of players assume that you have already left the table
Rule #6 You have to still the blinds more as most of the players have already moved to another table
Rule #7 Take notes
Rule #8 Don’t ever limp
Rule #9 Don’t get too creative especially on the low limit games.

Hopefully this Zoom Poker Strategy on PokerStars will help anyone who just started playing Zoom Poker. You can also find some decent poker strategies on poker.gamble.co.uk

Poker Rooms Fish Count

Hi Guys, hope everyone has enjoyed latest news on FTP. I personally didn’t like the fact that the guy has apologised but haven’t said anything specific towards when will ftp actually open. Looks like my prediction for the March will not become live…

Anyway, I’ve been asked by a few people to point what is the difference in skills of players between several rooms and different limits. Since I’m not playing every single room on the world I will be able to make a few poker room comparisons. Hope this will help new players to choose one that suits them more.

PokerStars Fish Count
Overall Fish Amount – 20%

Low Limits Cash Tables – 40%
Low Limits MTT’s – 60%
High Limits Cash Tables – 15%
High Limits MTT’s – 25%

I Consider PokerStars as highly profitable place for everyone who plays MTT on Low-Midd stakes. I personally think that a player who plays a solid tight game at $10-$25 buy-in tournaments should make quite sustainable and yummy profits without applying any additional strategies.

PartyPoker Fish Count

Overall Fish Amount – 35%

Low Limits Cash Tables – 50%
Low Limits MTT’s – 55%
High Limits Cash Tables – 20%
High Limits MTT’s – 25%

PartyPoker has the second hardest field after PokerStars. If you are contemplating playing on PartyPoker you should definitely go for low cash games and MTT’s, as most of the time players don’t have any ideas what they are doing. The favourite fish move on PartyPoker is to check/call preflop/flop/turn and re-raise all in River with AA on the 567 K Q Board.

Ipoker Fish Count

Overall Fish Amount – 45%

Ipoker network comprise a variety of different poker rooms like TitanPoker, Bet365, WilliamHill and others. But since the players battle against each other on the same network called Ipoker, we will not consider every individual poker room (as it doesn’t make sense)

Low Limits Cash Tables – 50%
Low Limits MTT’s – 70%
High Limits Cash Tables – 25%
High Limits MTT’s – 30%

Ipoker has more fish than any other poker room. Multiple all ins are available for you to harvest at < $3 Buy In tournaments. Low Cash tables are gold mines for decent poker players. Any type of game you play at IPoker should result in gradual profits.

If you have any poker rooms you wish do discuss please leave a comment and don’t forget to check back 🙂

How to play against agressive players

Hi Guys, Yesterday played 4x Heads-Up Tables with a $400 Buy-in on each. Here is some interesting hand from one of the tables and a good guide on how to play against aggressive players.

Hold’em No Limit  Heads Up ($2/$4 USD)
SB (Hero) $418
BB $350 (40/35/5/39)

Preflop: ($6) Hero is SB with 1010
Hero Limps $2, BB Raises $20, Hero Calls $16

Flop: ($40) (2 players) 9K3
BB bets 30, Hero raises $70, BB calls $40,

Turn: ($200) (2 players) 8
BB checks, Hero bets $150, BB calls $150 (All in),

River: ($1340.16) K (2 players)

Final Pot: $700
Hero (SB) shows 1010 (pair of tens)
BB shows A9 (Pair of Nines)

Hero wins $700

So the basic idea behind how to play against an aggressive players is that you have to wait for appropriate value hand and appropriate flop to know that you are favourite (70% of the times)
In the situation described above King od Diamonds was definetley a bad hand for me, however he will not have a King in most of situations. Against an aggressive player you can always assume that your middle pair is strong enough to go all in in the right situation at the right time.

Before making a move like that you need to be sure against what kind of player do you play, that is why stats are crucial. If you are playing at the multiple tables at the same time, the only way you can follow on what your opponent does is by having statistics and making the right notes on your opponent.

By the way i have finished yesterday’s session with a total profit of  $1,345 . I have played against 3 agressive guys and one really tight opponent. Don’t forget to follow this blog, shortly I will post my strategy with some examples against tight players. If yo have any questions about this particular hand or any other poker related questions feel free to leave comments here, or ask me on facebook or twitter.

How to become a professional poker player?

Within the last few years I have received a lot of questions about “how to become a professional poker player” Most of people think that earning money is the main aim of poker players. But unfortunately a lot of people underestimate the fact that earning money is a result, not an aim. From my perspective this is the fundamental difference between successful players and unlucky fellows. For the professional players the main aim is to make the right moves, and play the game on the level that would satisfy them, even if they loose, however  for the middle and low level players the aim is to make profits. Which is absolutely wrong in terms of intent.

Professional poker players like the game itself, they are feeling the passion and temptation for the game. For them, the game is not just part of their life –  it is their life, besides that if you watch a few interviews with professional poker players all of them say that money was never an aim, simultaneously you can spot that professional athletes, musicians and other famous and well known people say the same thing, this indicates that principle doesn’t only apply to poker players.

So generally speaking if a person wants to become a professional, he should treat the game as professional. If you treat the game professionally, it will reward you the same way.