Full Tilt Poker Refunds To Begin Shortly

The Department of Justice (DOJ) have announced the appointment of claims administrators group Garden City Group (GCG) to manage the Full Tilt Poker (FTP) refunds to U.S Players, after accounts were frozen in 2011 (Black Friday).

FTP Poker US Refunds GCG

Claims Administrators Garden City Group are going to handle Full Tilt Poker claims

Full Tilt Poker Claims Administrator

Garden City Group were announced on Wednesday (March 13th) as being the people that are going to oversee the hopefully smooth return of funds to the US Full Tilt players that had their accounts frozen in 2011 following the events of Black Friday. The transition of funds has been a long time coming after the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker back in November 2012, where European players were granted access to their funds.

It is expected that the amount to be paid back to the awaiting poker players is somewhere around $150,000,000.

How to claim Full Tilt Poker refund

For any players asking “How do I claim my Full Tilt refund?” then the answer is *almost* simple..
Garden City Group (GCG) have set up a new website called fulltiltpokerclaims.com, where there is currently just an informative notice to those wishing to make a claim. Once the claims process begins, players will be able to submit a claim electronically.

In the meantime, the only information to go on is that “The victim claims process will begin shortly.”
This is still early days, as you aren’t yet able to register for e-mail notifications for when the process is going to begin. The “U.S. fraud victims will be able to seek compensation for their losses (“Petitions for Remission”).”  statement on the website suggests that the wheel is already in motion and people will be able to get some information soon.

I will keep up to date with any more news that is released regarding the Full Tilt Poker Refunds for US players over the coming weeks/months, as it seems after almost two years, American players may soon see their money again.


Is Online Poker changing in the US?

Lately there have been a lot of news stories and events cropping up in the Poker world regarding Poker in the United States and the transition to online play, and also the opposite, with brick-and-mortar receiving a lot of attention. I have been keeping up with as much as I can on social media sites and through various news sources.

I have found this article which emphasizes that purchasing a casino in Atlantic City seems to be paving the way for online poker to make a comeback in the US . I can see why people are for and against poker being legalized online in the US, there is the view that doing so would reduce the amount of people that play in casino’s altogether, and add pressure to an already struggling casino industry in America. But then again there is the point that if it was legalized, there would be more brick and mortar games available to play, and could easily attract a new audience of people, perhaps those that don’t have access to a computer or the internet. Obviously if people were legally allowed to play poker online in the U.S then the government would receive tax on all money spent, so whilst the money going directly to Atlantic City could potentially decrease, the overall money the government receives would stay the same, if not increase.  Another benefit to legalizing poker online would be that people could have healthier gaming habits.. If somebody sits in a casino all day, and then moves to another the next day, there is virtually no way of tracking how much money they are spending, and therefore building up an addiction, whereas with online poker, there are possible ways of monitoring how much people are spending online, and then procedures could be put in place to stop them spending away their wages, and reduce the risk of people getting addicted.

Atlantic City Casino

Source: blog.nj.com

Brick and Mortar Poker to make a comeback

Not only this, but you get the social side of poker if you are playing online, whilst playing in brick and mortar casinos you do actually meet people face to face whilst you’re playing, you don’t always have time to stop and chat, but with online poker you do. Last weekend (Feb 19th/17th) I managed to play a few games online on Full Tilt and PartyPoker (an old favourite) and suddenly became aware of how friendly players are on there. I often find myself playing on tables where people talk constantly, and I get the impression that if the chat feature was taken away then the player numbers would drop significantly. How many times have you logged on to any online poker network and gone more than 10 minutes without seeing some form of interaction? I personally think it is a much better way to play poker than at a casino as you interact with people a lot more, and are able to concentrate more on your game play.

If Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey does sign a revamped version of the bill for online gaming, it could see a 10 year trial period for online gaming in NJ, which would definitely settle the argument for good, Brick-and-Mortar Poker, or Online Poker?


Poker FAQs – Part 3

Who is the best poker player?
Phil Ivey is considered as the best poker player (overall).

Who won the most WSOP bracelets?
Phil Hellmuth won 11 World Series of Poker bracelets so far.

How do I play poker for free?
You can play for play money in every single poker room, or you can participate in freeroll tournaments.

What is a freeroll tournament?
FreeRoll tournament is a poker tournament which allows you to win real cash without paying a penny.

What is the biggest Poker Room?
Poker Stars is considered as the biggest poker room, followed by Party Poker and Ipoker network on the 2nd and third 3rd respectively.

What is WSOP?
WSOP stands for Word Series of Poker – it is a yearly event which takes place in Las Vegas (Nevada) and includes a variety of different events with a range of different buy ins.

Poker FAQs – Part 2

What kind of players are there in Poker?

There are 8 types of poker players.

  1. Rock – is an extremely tight player. If the rock starts acting than he definitely has a good hand.
  2. Nit – is a variation of a Rock player. The only difference is that a Nit player will fold his hand more frequently. Nit players doesn’t like difficult situations on the table, it is always easier for them to fold
  3. Weak-tight is a tight player who doesn’t like to act aggressively. For example he might check/call you on all streets with AA.
  4. TAG – Tight Aggressive player is considered as one of the most dangerous players at any table. Unlike the first free, TAG player acts with a few strong hands but plays them highly aggressively, which becomes quite hard to oppose
  5. Maniac – Maniac is a very loose and extremely aggressive player. He doesn’t really care what cards he has, that only thing that matter for him is to show you that he is better than you are.
  6. LAG – Loose Aggressive Player – this style is very similar to a maniac style of playing, the difference is that LAG player can make a right move and extract the maximum value from the hand he has. He is able to make highly efficient decisions on pre-flop, flop turn and river.
  7. Calling Station – is a player who doesn’t know where the fold button is, instead he plays call all the time. Your best chance to get money from him is to have a value hand.
  8. Donkey – is the sign of a bad poker player. Donkey has no idea what he is doing and why he is doing. His strategy involves completely random moves which absolutely doesn’t make any sense.

Poker FAQs – Part 1

What is a Rake Poker?
Rake is a fixed commission fee that you pay to a poker room. The rake percentage varies from 5 to 10 depending on the poker room which you play in.  Rake is collected from a pot in each poker hand.

What is a Rakeback?
Rakeback is a reward method introduced by poker rooms. Poker Rooms return part for the rake back to players.

What is the most popular Poker Game?
Texas No Limit Holdem is currently the most popular Poker Game

Is Poker a game of skill?
Poker is considered as a game of skill. Since you are playing against other players you have to have the knowledge on how to beat them – which requires skill, poker is also a game of maths and odds.