Kobe Bryant invited to WSOP

Many online poker players yesterday heard that Kobe Bryant has been invited to play at WSOP (World Series of Poker) in tribute to the late Lakers Owner, Jerry Buss, who sadly passed away on February 18th, 2013.

Posting on Twitter on June 10th, WSOP (@wsop) said:

“Poker misses Dr. Buss. Game. Class. We invite @kobebryant to play in tribute. #sharksvsmamba” – although, sadly, Kobe Bryant then took to Twitter to reply to the request saying ” @wsop Thanks for the invite, means a lot. Doc says no go. I’ll be there in spirit, no bluff. Dr. Buss, best owner ever.”

Kobe Bryant talks to WSOPUnfortunately, Kobe had to decline the special invite due to doctor’s orders, but said he’ll be there “in spirit”

WSOP 2013 will continue through until July 15th 2013 in Nevada, boasting 62 bracelet events (one more than last year). Read the various Poker Reviews at poker.gamble.co.uk for help on choosing where to play online.



Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival

The Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival will be coming to the city later this year (29th July to 12th August, specifically) after PokerStars allowed it to be re-branded from the original UKIPT Galway Festival.

This is the first live poker festival since Full Tilt poker re-launched back in Q4 2012, after closing almost two years prior, following the events of Black Friday which caused thousands of players around the world to have their accounts frozen.

So far, one of the only pro poker player’s attendances has been confirmed, and that is Mr Gus Hansen, if you have read my previous posts you will know that he is in my top 3 favourite poker players of all time.

Hopefully I will be attending this years event as I haven’t been to any live poker festivals for some time now, and I definitely think it would be interesting to see Full Tilt’s first attempt at hosting one.

World Poker Tour (WPT) Launches Poker Trainer

World Poker Tour (WPT) have launched a Poker Trainer in the form of an iPhone/iPod/iPad app, available through iTunes. The Poker Trainer app aims to teach people how to play certain hands, with 5 different hands available before you have to purchase the full version.
The app is very interactive with things you do, for example, the second you make a move, the app gives you feedback on your move, and gives an opinion on the move. The hands available don’t let players have as wide a choice of actions available as there are in actual online poker, but the graphics, and speed of the trainer app make up for this.

As the WPT Poker Trainer app is developed with the help of professional poker players, the information you recieve is good quality and it allows you to actually learn how to play properly.

The WPT Poker Trainer is said to plan on launching a new hand pack each month, so players can easily improve their skills over a range of different hands.
Players earn ProCoins when they make a move, and if you don’t earn three coins, the Trainer App tells you what you are doing wrong, and suggests ways to improve your moves, and in turn, the way you play poker.
This is handy, as new players can be stumped by the amount of terms and phrases professional poker players use, and the WPT Poker App simply navigates you through everything so you can pick up on different words and phrases as you learn.

This is also handy because the coins you earn can be used to purchase different Bonus Packs, which again, in turn gives you more information on different hands, and in theory will improve your skills as a poker player. Some of the other hands available are Continuation Betting, odds, and pre flop play.

The World Poker Tour Poker Trainer App has recieved some very positive reviews from different people on the internet, with many taking to Twitter to say how pleased they are with the app. Some people are mentioning that they don’t agree with all the advice being given to them on the app, but it is just opinion from professionals that is there to help.

All the reviews I have read online on different websites and on social media suggest that the app is extremely helpful and detailed when it comes to giving you information and tips when you make a move, which newcomers are very interested in.
Not only is the app helpful to newcomers, but people are saying that it is very helpful if you have an idea of how to play Texas Hold ‘Em, as it helps people improve the way they are playing.

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PokerStars to expand Live Casino Portfolio

PokerStars enters Gran Casino Madrid

News has come forward that PokerStars are now looking to close a deal on the Gran Casino Madrid in Spain, in order to give their customers a complete makeover and offer an enhanced poker playing experience in Early 2013.

The plan is for PokerStars to expand further into real life casino, with the addition of the poker room at the Casino Gran Madrid, Spain. The new makeover should create “a new décor for the new era”, and live tournaments should commence early in 2013.

Casino Gran Madrid in PokerStars takeover

Source: casinogranmadrid.es

The Gran Casino Madrid will join London’s Hippodrome, The Circus Groupe in Belgium, and the Grand Waldo in Macau in being a member of PokerStars’s team of land based players. Recently, more news has come forward regarding PokerStars’ plans to buy the Atlantic Club Casino in New Jersey, increasing their portfolio of land based casino’s, but also getting a foot back into America.

The Casino Gran Madrid is just 18 miles out of Torrelodones, which is currently the largest Casino in Spain. PokerStars boasts the title as the market leader in Spain’s online poker market, owning roughly 70% of nationally regulated online poker games there.

2013 WSOP Dates Announced

2013 World Series Of Poker Schedule Released

Some of you may be asking, When does WSOP 2013 start? Well we have the answers right here:

The schedule for the 2013 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) has been announced as being similar to that of the 2012 schedule.
Starting on Wednesday 29th May, the traditional first tournament – the Casino Employees No Limit Hold ‘Em Event is also likely to start on the same day.

WSOP 2013 will run for a total of 49 consecutive days, ending with the elimination of the 10th place finish of the $10,000 No-Limit Hold ‘Em Main Event on July 16th 2013, and therefore setting up the final table.
Expected to continue the new tradition, it is thought that the Main Event will be delayed until the ‘November Nine‘ reunite in the Autumn.

WSOP 2013

The Main Event will last over a week, starting on Sunday 7th July. As of yet, the day by day schedule is still not 100% known, however it is expected to be very similar to that of 2012’s.
The 2013 World Series Of Poker will be approximately 60 events (61 in 2012), including the Ladies and Seniors Events.
A press release by WSOP said that the weekends would be favoured for No Limit Hold ‘Em events, probably as this is the most convenient time for people to get to The Rio to take part. This year (2012), there were 17 different NL Hold ‘Em events that started on a weekend.
One of the 17 events was The Big One for One Drop, the $1 million buy in event in which one ninth of the buy in went straight to charity. This event will not appear in 2013, but is said to be returning for the 2014 WSOP.
A WSOP record breaking amount was created in the 2012 World Series Of Poker, $222 million was the prize pool created by the 74,766 poker players registering for the event.

Full Tilt Poker Signs Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom join Full Tilt

In the lead up to the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker (FTP), it has surfaced that Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom have both been signed by Full Tilt. The news came forward on Monday, when the former 2nd largest online poker room in the world announced the signing of the two pros, Tom Dwan (durrrr) and Viktor Blom (Isildur1). A few years ago, both Dwan and Blom were two of “The Professionals” at Full Tilt, where they competed against each other and others such as Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius. This attracted many players to the site at the time.
PokerStars announced in January 2011 that they were signing Isildur1 (Later revealed to be Viktor Blom). Blom then left PokerStars in August 2012, and gave no reason for doing so. This created widespread speculation that he left in order to be signed for Full Tilt when it relaunches in November.

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Who Will Win the WSOP 2012?

It is only 9 days left till the most important poker tour in the world starts. It would be great to get your opinion on World Series of Poker Main Event and see what what you guys think. I personally believe the the WSOP Main Event will be taken by a unknown guy who becomes a professional poker players as soon as he wins the bracelet…