About me

Hi everyone, welcome to my Poker Blog, my name is Harry Weston and I have been playing poker since 2004. I first heard about Poker after a friend told me that he won $100 playing freeroll tournaments.

I got excited and thought that if he could do it, then it was worth me having a go. I’ve registered an account at William Hill and got a $10 bonus as a new registered user. I blew my $10 during the next 30 minutes on NL $0.05/$0.10 and decided that I didn’t want to invest any of my own money after that.

However, having a feel for the game, and being genuinely interested, i decided to play freerolls. My first 12 attempts didn’t go too well.. at all. I soon realised that I wasn’t even close to getting “in the money”, so I took a step back and began to read poker books and blogs online. I read Doyle’s “Super System” and Harrington’s “Harrington on Cash”, along with a few others. After a few more attempts, I finally passed the “bubble stage” and have finished 15th from 420 players, winning $7.50

Over the next 15 months, I climbed my way to a bankroll of $10,000 which allowed me to play NL$200-$400 as well as participate in $50 buy-in tournaments.
I consider myself as a FR-SH Cash player, however I do play tournaments (weekends mostly). I have also spent some time plaving SNG’s and HU. However these two didn’t interest me too much.

I don’t consider myself as a professional poker player, because that is not the only thing that I do for a living. In 2006 I decided to try Forex trading, which was much easier for me, as it better suited my personality and character.

Due to now working in an office, I don’t get to play poker as much as I used to, however I still play some evenings and most weekends.

I am happy to share ideas, tactics, and strategies on how to improve your chances of winning in Poker, I hope the articles I post will be of use to you all!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions on anything I write.

Thanks, Harry


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