PokerStars to celebrate 100 Billion hands in June

Throughout June, PokerStars players like me are being treated to what can only be described as one of the biggest months in poker EVER with the 100 Billionth hand promotion!

PokerStars are running their promotion throughout June to celebrate 100 Billion poker hands having been played, 100 BILLION! Officials say they are expecting the 100 billionth hand to be dealt around the 14th June this year, with one hand paying $1 million ( the Million Dollar Hand).

PokerStars Ultimate Freeroll

I personally am more looking forward to getting stuck into some of the other promotions that they are offering throughout the month, one of them being the Ultimate Freeroll which is a special freeroll tournament which is offering a $1,000,000 prize pool and the winner will grab the grand prize of $50,000. For those also interested in the Ultimate Freeroll, it is going to take place on 30th June.

Of course, other promotions will be running throughout the month to celebrate this jaw dropping event, and more information on all of the promotions that are running is available at along with a pretty cool video which can only add more excitement to the event!

For those that are new to poker and want to take part in the month long celebration but don’t know exactly how to play poker, read through the Poker Strategy guide at – i found it to be very helpful and it has certainly improved my play style! Good Luck to everyone taking part this month and let me know in the comments if any of you have any impressive wins.


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