Interstate Poker made legal by Nevada

News has today surfaced how Nevada have made interstate online poker legal, which if you have been keeping up with my latest posts, is quite a big step forward for online gambling in the USA. The bill was rushed through yesterday which allows states to form a pact together, allowing poker to be played legally across them.

An article from the Las Vegas Sun today reported how the bill was rushed forward on Thursday, labelled as an “emergency measure” for Gov.  Brian Sandoval to sign.

As you may know, I personally am all for online poker to be legalized in america, as it makes for healthier gambling habits and leads to less addiction i my opinion. It seems the aim of rushing through the bill was to beat New Jersey in signing their bill, which is to be done next week if reports are to be believed.

Online Poker in New Jersey

Towards the beginning of February, governor Chris Christie announced that he was going to pass a bill for online poker in New Jersey, as long as a few amendments were made to what had been submitted.

The announcement of multiple states hoping to pass an online gambling bill, making poker legal within those states has pleasantly shocked many after speaking to people on Twitter, as there have been quite a few failed attempts to get online poker up and running throughout 2011 and 2012 especially, although now it looks like it is all coming together.

So what do you think? Are you for or against the legalizing of online poker in the U.S?


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