What’s happening with Full Tilt’s US Players?

Lately there have been a lot of rumours on social media regarding Full Tilt Poker, with many asking When Will US Players get their Full Tilt Refunds?
Well I am going to try and explain what we know is happening:

So far, we know that the Department Of Justice (DOJ) was said to start work on hiring a third party Claims Administrator in January 2013, this was announced in November last year, and there has been no announcement so far this year to suggest that this has or has not happened.

Full Tilt US Refunds

All that has been said regarding the remission of funds to US Poker Players so far this year is that an announcement is coming “soon” – however, there was no description of how “soon” that is going to be.

It is expected that once the claims administrator is appointed, there will be approximately $159,000,000 to be paid out to over 1.3 million former Full Tilt Poker players in the US, after their accounts were frozen back in April 2011.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to go on regarding this issue, however I will keep you posted as more information and dates are released regarding Full Tilt Poker.


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