Betfair Poker Moves to iPoker Network

Betfair Poker has moved to the iPoker Network after it was recently announced that the software was to move from the Ongame Network platform.

The full migration is expected to be completed by July 2013. Originally, the move was to provide an online poker platform for the French and Italian customers, if statements from Betfair in September were anything to go by, although it seems now that the move is going to affect the whole of the Betfair Poker.
Having already provided the online casino for Betfair, many didn’t take the announcement as a suprise when it was announced that Playtech’s iPoker would be hosting Poker for them.

The move to iPoker has been seen as a strategical one, as it is going to secure a wider European audience, generating higher profits and revenue through cross selling casino and sports.
There has been a mixed reaction to the move on Twitter, with some people saying that they are happy with the move, and some people not taking too well to the move. Last year, the Ongame network saw the number of active players on the network fall from 93,000 to 85,000.
A news article on earlier this month has more information on the move, and says “iPoker offer Betfair the ability to retain, grow and develop their existing customer base”

Let me know your views on the move to iPoker on Twitter @that_poker_guy as I would love to hear what other players think of the move


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