World Poker Tour (WPT) Launches Poker Trainer

World Poker Tour (WPT) have launched a Poker Trainer in the form of an iPhone/iPod/iPad app, available through iTunes. The Poker Trainer app aims to teach people how to play certain hands, with 5 different hands available before you have to purchase the full version.
The app is very interactive with things you do, for example, the second you make a move, the app gives you feedback on your move, and gives an opinion on the move. The hands available don’t let players have as wide a choice of actions available as there are in actual online poker, but the graphics, and speed of the trainer app make up for this.

As the WPT Poker Trainer app is developed with the help of professional poker players, the information you recieve is good quality and it allows you to actually learn how to play properly.

The WPT Poker Trainer is said to plan on launching a new hand pack each month, so players can easily improve their skills over a range of different hands.
Players earn ProCoins when they make a move, and if you don’t earn three coins, the Trainer App tells you what you are doing wrong, and suggests ways to improve your moves, and in turn, the way you play poker.
This is handy, as new players can be stumped by the amount of terms and phrases professional poker players use, and the WPT Poker App simply navigates you through everything so you can pick up on different words and phrases as you learn.

This is also handy because the coins you earn can be used to purchase different Bonus Packs, which again, in turn gives you more information on different hands, and in theory will improve your skills as a poker player. Some of the other hands available are Continuation Betting, odds, and pre flop play.

The World Poker Tour Poker Trainer App has recieved some very positive reviews from different people on the internet, with many taking to Twitter to say how pleased they are with the app. Some people are mentioning that they don’t agree with all the advice being given to them on the app, but it is just opinion from professionals that is there to help.

All the reviews I have read online on different websites and on social media suggest that the app is extremely helpful and detailed when it comes to giving you information and tips when you make a move, which newcomers are very interested in.
Not only is the app helpful to newcomers, but people are saying that it is very helpful if you have an idea of how to play Texas Hold ‘Em, as it helps people improve the way they are playing.

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2 comments on “World Poker Tour (WPT) Launches Poker Trainer

    • I’m not sure, it is something that I assume they are working on, it definitely makes sense to have one as there are still a lot of players that play on desktops and laptops rather than mobile. I’ll keep an eye out and update if i find anything 🙂

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