2013 Poker

2013 Looks to be a big year for poker, both online and offline, with the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker, or “Full Tilt 2.0” at the rear end of 2012, promising players their money back that had been frozen in FTP accounts after the events of Black Friday in 2011. Of course, once the new Poker Room re-opened, there was wide spread praise of the relaunch, with players logging in in their thousands to make the most of the new promotions running through December 2012 – the Deal Me In Promotion.

And in late December 2012/early January 2013, news began to surface regarding the possibility of Poker Stars eyeing an entry into the New Jersey Online Poker Market, by starting negotiations to purchase the well known struggling Atlantic Club Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, with the supposed price requested being less than $50 million. If this is true, then it would definitely expand PokerStars’s presence throughout the world, as we all know, they also paid $731 million to the Dept of Justice to purchase Full Tilt Poker. However, US Full Tilt players are going to have to wait a little longer to withdraw the funds they had in their Full Tilt account.
One of the terms of the deal are said to be that PokerStars would have it’s name wiped clean and that the US Authorities would no longer prosecute the company in future for offering online gambling services to the US players. As would be expected, and with this promise being for keeps, this has sparked rumours that Poker Stars would therefore qualify for a license to operate poker in New Jersey when online poker is introduced. Other news similar to this are that the Atlantic City casino’s, under a new proposed legislation will be able to host online poker games from within their casino’s to their players.

So what will happen with Poker in 2013?

There is the MiniFTOPS XXI that started on 6th January this year, where people can turn their small buy-ins into huge scores, and experience all 35 FTOPS events at a “mini” price, and also have the chance to win more than $3 million in guaranteed prizes. Costing just a tenth of the buy in of regular FTOPS, the miniFTOPS is offering Multi-Entry Tournaments, and Rush Poker Tournaments, and even a Double Chance Tournament.

There will also be 10 Multi Entry Tournaments, allowing you to register a number of times for each tournament, giving players multiple chances to win big.
Not only this, but if you make it to the final table of a MiniFTOPS event then you will recieve a MiniFTOPS Jacket, and if you are a winner from an event, you will receive a silver MiniFTOPS jersey, and a silver MiniFTOPS avatar to go along with your 1st place prize money.

News that surfaced today, is that Betfair are to launch a Poker Room on the iPoker Network, expected to be available from July 2013, so this could be one to look out for. This news comes not long after different poker websites reported that Betfair Poker’s revenue had fallen 18 percent between August and September 2012.

You can keep up to date with the latest Poker News, tips, strategies and information by visiting poker.gamble where you can also read through the basics of how to play poker and look at different variations of the game if you are not familiar with them.

As of February, there have still been no updates as to when Full Tilt’s US Players are going to get their refunds from their frozen accounts.

There is however talk of Brick and Mortar casino’s becoming more popular in places such as Atlantic City that allow poker to be played, which hopefully will lead to online poker being made legal for players.


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