PokerStars relaunch Full Tilt Poker on November 6th 2012

PokerStars are relaunching Full Tilt Poker for players outside of the U.S.A on 6th November 2012. All non US account holders have recieved e-mails recently telling them that they are going to receive unrestricted access to their accounts with full balances restored, after they were frozen and shut down in June 2011. When the new Full Tilt website launches on the 6th, players will be able to use their existing funds to play games on the website, or they will be able to cash out and retrieve their money. The website’s homepage, is currently being used as an FAQ page, as understandably there is going to be a lot of questions raised over the coming weeks.

Players are also being told that they can transfer funds from their Full Tilt account over to a PokerStars account, allowing them to play on either website. This is due to the Full Tilt purchase by PokerStars, however we are being told that the Full Tilt site is going to continue to operate seperately from the PokerStars brand.

For the European countries which gambling legislations mean they cannot access their Full Tilt accounts, existing members have been told that they need to open a PokerStars account and then link it to their existing Full Tilt Poker account, where they will then be able to transfer across any funds they have. These countries are unable to play Full Tilt Poker under new licensing laws. Players in the US are facing further difficulties in claiming back their money, despite PokerStars offering to reimburse players, the US Department of Justice have taken on the job themselves on behalf of Full Tilt players. So far there has been little information on how this is going to happen.

For Full Tilt players that aren’t familiar with PokerStars, go to for a helpful review



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