Any Full Tilt Poker News?

Hi there guys.
I’m working as hard as I can to gather at least some kind of information or news on Full Tilt Poker, but it seems the internet is down for any FTP related materials. Despite Daniel Neagranu’s statement about Full Tilt Poker and money return issue I’m still pretty optimistic about the money concern. I stay pretty come with the thought that Full Tilt owners will have to return all the cash back to players before they can be called trustworthy again.


3 comments on “Any Full Tilt Poker News?

    • I wonder how people will approach Ferguson, Lederer and other former FTP owners on big tournaments like WSOP. Clearly a lot of participants have some cash stuck there. We might see a big fight. 😀

      • We actually saw Jesus at a restaurant last year (before some of the more horrifying details came out). I’ll be shocked if he’s out and showing his face again in Vegas again this summer.

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