Poker Hand I Played Today on NL $1000

Here is a good hand I played today (not because I won it :))

Hold’em No Limit Heads Up ($5/$10 USD)
SB (Hero) $1250
BB $990 (25/13/9/33)

Preflop: ($15) Hero is SB with 9A
Hero Raises $20, BB Calls $10,

Flop: ($45) (2 players) 293
BB bets $30, Hero calls $30,

Turn: ($105) (2 players) 8
BB checks, Hero bets $75, BB raises $200, Hero calls $125

River: ($460) K (2 players)
BB bets $230, Hero Calls $230

Final Pot: $920
Hero (SB) shows 9A (pair of nines)
BB shows 10J (King high)

Hero wins the pot.

This is  a good example of how your read might results in decent +EV. I noticed that this aggressive post flop opponent likes to bet his draws. The board was very dry to I decided that favourite most of the time on board like that. I was not afraid of set or overpair as a player like that would slow play it. SO the only hand that did make sense for that kind of opponent was a good draw.


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