Zoom Poker Strategy on PokerStars

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I wrote some poker guidance and tips (simply because I was busy with some other stuff like finding latest news on Full Tilt 🙂 . Anyway, I decided to write a short guide on Zoom Poker Strategy on PokerStars. I will not go in to details for every tips assuming you already know the basic and you don’t need in-depth analysis.

ok here goes:

General Zoom Poker Trend can be described as: WAIT FOR THE GOOD HAND AND RAIS – that is why we want to exploit this trend for our benefit and profit:

Rule #1 – Use Statistic on your opponents (for example Holdem Manager)
Rule #2 If you see a raise from UTG they guy probably has QQ+ AKo+ so there’s no value for you to call unless you have a pocket pair for set value on the flop
Rule #3 You have to exploit the general trend by raising marginal hands. It means you can add extra 5% from your average PFR range. No one will ever call you unless they have a proper hand, and even if they do they will fold 66% of the time on Flop CB
Rule #4 You have to 3bet more often with block hands especially if the raiser is in MP+
Rule #5 You have to defend your blinds, as a lot of players assume that you have already left the table
Rule #6 You have to still the blinds more as most of the players have already moved to another table
Rule #7 Take notes
Rule #8 Don’t ever limp
Rule #9 Don’t get too creative especially on the low limit games.

Hopefully this Zoom Poker Strategy on PokerStars will help anyone who just started playing Zoom Poker. You can also find some decent poker strategies on poker.gamble.co.uk


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