Full Tilt Poker Job Opportunities

Congratulations to all Full Tilt players, it has been announced that Pocket Kings Ltd which made up Full Tilt Poker is recruiting new staff for customer service jobs in Ireland, Dublin. 14 Vacancies are currently available for potential employees, including 8 Customers service position for different language groups, quality agents, customer service team leaders, localizations specialists and some others. Each is for a 2-3 month contract role which may lead to permanent employment.

From my perspective it all looks like the grand opening of European Full Tilt Poker will be set at 16th of April which is the Anniversary date for black Friday. Let us hope that as soon as players will be able to login to their accounts the money will be there, and we will not have any problems withdrawing the cash from Full Tilt Poker. I personally hope to see some new poker site reviews on Full Tilt Poker from poker.gamble.co.uk. I wonder what changes has been made to the platform and what new features will be available.

Don’t forget that I will add new information on FTP as soon as I find something worth mentioning. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to check back 🙂


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