Poker Rooms Fish Count

Hi Guys, hope everyone has enjoyed latest news on FTP. I personally didn’t like the fact that the guy has apologised but haven’t said anything specific towards when will ftp actually open. Looks like my prediction for the March will not become live…

Anyway, I’ve been asked by a few people to point what is the difference in skills of players between several rooms and different limits. Since I’m not playing every single room on the world I will be able to make a few poker room comparisons. Hope this will help new players to choose one that suits them more.

PokerStars Fish Count
Overall Fish Amount – 20%

Low Limits Cash Tables – 40%
Low Limits MTT’s – 60%
High Limits Cash Tables – 15%
High Limits MTT’s – 25%

I Consider PokerStars as highly profitable place for everyone who plays MTT on Low-Midd stakes. I personally think that a player who plays a solid tight game at $10-$25 buy-in tournaments should make quite sustainable and yummy profits without applying any additional strategies.

PartyPoker Fish Count

Overall Fish Amount – 35%

Low Limits Cash Tables – 50%
Low Limits MTT’s – 55%
High Limits Cash Tables – 20%
High Limits MTT’s – 25%

PartyPoker has the second hardest field after PokerStars. If you are contemplating playing on PartyPoker you should definitely go for low cash games and MTT’s, as most of the time players don’t have any ideas what they are doing. The favourite fish move on PartyPoker is to check/call preflop/flop/turn and re-raise all in River with AA on the 567 K Q Board.

Ipoker Fish Count

Overall Fish Amount – 45%

Ipoker network comprise a variety of different poker rooms like TitanPoker, Bet365, WilliamHill and others. But since the players battle against each other on the same network called Ipoker, we will not consider every individual poker room (as it doesn’t make sense)

Low Limits Cash Tables – 50%
Low Limits MTT’s – 70%
High Limits Cash Tables – 25%
High Limits MTT’s – 30%

Ipoker has more fish than any other poker room. Multiple all ins are available for you to harvest at < $3 Buy In tournaments. Low Cash tables are gold mines for decent poker players. Any type of game you play at IPoker should result in gradual profits.

If you have any poker rooms you wish do discuss please leave a comment and don’t forget to check back 🙂


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