Poker Basics from Harry Weston

OK Guys! So I’ve decided to write a short but useful guide on how to play poker or basics of poker for new born poker players. Hope you will be happy and can understand everything what I’ve included. This is the first part and I will expand it and add new amterials during time. SO feel free to return and read some useful contemporary poker tips.
Basics of Poker

There are various types of poker that you can play. In this section we will discuss the most popular one – No-Limit Texas Holdem. You can find it worldwide in casinos, as well as in every single online poker room.

First of all – poker is a card game; there are 52 standard cards used in Poker. 4 different suites – Hearts (h), Spades (s), Diamonds (d), and Clubs (c).

Texas Holdem can be played from 2 to 10 players at any one time. In every Texas Hold’em game there should be a player who deals the cards. In order to make it easier for everyone to recognise this player he has a Dealer button next to him .  As the game progresses this button moves around the table clockwise after each hand.

Every new round in poker starts by posting blind bets. Two players on the left from dealer make a blind bet. The amount of the blinds is usually determined before the game. The player who sits right after the dealer has to chip in half the amount than the player who sits 2 seats away from the dealer. Because the posts are being made before the cards are dealt these two positions are usually called blind positions The person who makes the half bet is usually called small blind, and the person who makes a full bet is known as a the big blind.

So player 1 makes a 1$ bet and player 2 makes a $2. So player 1 is considered as a small blind and player 2 is considered as a big blind. After the blinds have been posted the first round begins, which is called Pre-Flop. The cards have been shuffled and dealt. If you have any questions on the first part of poker basics feel free to comment and leave replies.


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