Poker to be legalised in US

Great news for US poker players, the Chief Executive Officer of MGM Resorts International – Jim Murren expects poker to be legalised during 2012. – According to Reuters.  Murren also points that the gambling issues in US lie not in the gambling area itself, but in complicated issues in Washington itself. So it is more of the government problem rather than the gaming industry.

I think as soon as poker will be legalised in USA the industry will go over the roof. I wonder if Full Tilt poker will be around at that time just to catch the general trend. I think the legalisation of Poker in US is a grate chance for Full Tilt company to recover, and gain some of their reputation back.

Hope that most of you remember that in the mean time, Full Tilt Poker new owners are trying to reduce the $15m debts caused by former FTP pro players. So far there hasn’t been any updates. Although I do know that Laurent Tapie contemplates of making a new huge investment in poker area


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