Can’t Access PokerStars Account

It seems that a lot of people have been experiencing troubles accessing PokerStars. The reason being is that PokerStars have been maintenancing the server. It is unclear what the reason for was; however PokerStars had to restart the server, which meant that players couldn’t access PokerStars account for quite some time.

There is actually nothing major to worry about as all of the games and tournaments have been frozen, which means that no sessions on cash tables or tournaments have been lost, and players were able to play again as soon as the server was up.

PokerStars have made ad official apology to everyone who had issues accessing their account at that particular time of the day, saying: “Normal service has resumed worldwide, we apologise again for the inconvenience. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding” @PokerStars

If you still can’t access Poker Stars Account you can try doing the following:
1. Clear you cache files
2. Delete cookies
3. Delete temporary internet files
4. Reset your internet connection

The server is now up and everything should be fine, so you can start grinding again 🙂


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