Zynga Poker – big step towards real money

It has been announced that the world leading social gaming company Zynga, has signed their first partnership with an established licensed gaming operator – Slingo. So now Slingo has become Zynga Slingo. It is important to notice that even though Zynga Slingo is a slots and bingo games developer at real casinos in USA, It doesn’t offer real money games online.

Could it be a new strategy by Zynga? It would be quite interesting to know how exactly Zynga poker fore real money will be introduced to people. It might be a brand new poker room with the same name – Zynga Poker, they might also decide to cooperate with some of the existing poker rooms to avoid legislation difficulties. It is also unclear how will they operate within the current online gambling restriction in USA. Will Zynga Poker be available for European and rest of the world players except for USA?

Many more questions are still there to be answers on Zynga Poker real money. In the being we can only speculate on what and how can possible happened.


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