Negreanu about former Full Tilt Poker Owners

A PokerStars pro member – Daniel Negreanu has recently posted a video comment in which he abused former Full Tilt owners – Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Ray Bitar. Daniel Negreanu points that they are nothing but scum-bags for hiding out there, when the whole world is looking for answers on Full Tilt. You can watch the full video of Daniels Real Talk on bellow. If you want to skip all the boring part, just go to 5:45 .

That kind of offensive talk is not what we usually expect to hear from Daniel Negreanu, as he is well known for this perfect manners, ethics and good sense of humour, which raises a question – is this video fake? I mean obviously this is real Daniel Neagranu, but was the text set up from the very own beginning?

Daniel Negreanu is also known for his support towards poker players, so from that perspective there is nothing wrong – because he was protecting the interest of the former Full Tilt Poker players. He pointed that he would be fine if someone smashes Howard Lederer in the nuts with a baseball bat.

As mentioned on the top Daniel Neagranu is a member of PokerStars team pro, you can find the PokerStars review page on


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