Zynga Poker for Real Money is closer than we think

Almost everyone who uses Facebook heard of a special app called Zynga Poker, or Texas Holdem which was introduced by Zynga. It is now has been announced that Zynga experiences some net income loses and is looking for a new area to recover from the losses.

Zynga COO admits real cash poker gaming as a “very interesting field” for the company due to $404m loss in FY2011”

“The losses came despite a 91% rise in revenues for the year, with daily active users (DAU) up 13% in Q4 2011 to 54m, from 48m in 2010, and monthly active users (MAU) up 23% to 240m in the same period.”

Founder and CEO Mark Pincus described 2011 as “another milestone” for the company: “Zynga set new records in the year in terms of audience size, revenues and bookings.” News Source: egrmagazine.com

The launch of Zynga Poker Real Money accounts will probably become the biggest poker event of the year. With millions of players on facebook Zynga Poker might become the biggest Poker Room on the planet. It is still unclear how many players will consider Zynga Poker Real Money App as highly realiable and worth investing money. It is also unclear how will it affect the existing poker rooms, like PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888Poker and many others.


2 comments on “Zynga Poker for Real Money is closer than we think

  1. Interesting idea. I agree-it would be huge although I think there would have to be some significant work done in terms of reliability, ease of use, stopping annoying messages etc

    Wonder if they would convert the virtual chips to real money? 😉

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