PokerStars Mobile App is now available in UK

PokerStars Mobile App is now available to download for UK PokerStars players, including iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch, as well as Android phones and tablet computers. The app will enable players across the United Kingdom (excl. Northern Ireland) to play free and real money games on their mobile device, anywhere and at any time.

What Does the New PokerStars Mobile App feature?
PokerStars Mobile offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha games for real and play money, and players can choose to enter multi-table tournaments, Sit & Go’s and ring games. More important is that all mobile players will join the full PokerStars global player network, with no separation between mobile and desktop players. So you can play on your PokerStars Mobile App with someone who uses standard desktop PC or laptop. One unique aspect of the New PokerStars Mobile offering is multi-tabling technology that enables players to join several tables at once, with intelligent auto-switch technology ensuring that mobile players will never miss a hand. That is really great for professional PokerStars players as they tend to play 8-16 tables at the same time. And that is the reason why I think that the PokerStars Mobile App will gain a lot of interest.

How to play the new PokerStars Mobile App?
Existing PokerStars account holders should go to  to gain access to the PokerStars Mobile download link, while new players need to download the PokerStars software to their desktop and create an account, before downloading the New PokerStars Mobile App to their mobile device. You can download PokerStars software from, you can also read the PokerStars review for some additional information.


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