Brad Booth vs Phil Ivey Review

Hi everyone!  During the weekend I’ve received some poker videos from friends asking to review the hand between Phil Ivey and Brad Booth on High Stakes Poker. Even though it is a pretty all hand (from High Stakes season 3) for some reason it is trending again… and gains more likes.

So anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen it here is the link

First of all about Brad Booth,
This guy has been playing very aggressively for the whole season, which means that he has an aggressive reputation, and that disguises his hand better. By disguising the hand better I mean that he can have a wider range than any other people.

What happened in the hand?
In the 8 handed action Williams raised from MP, Brad on CO 3bets two folded and Ivey 4-bets from the Big Blind. Williams folds and Brad decides to call the extra $8,200.

The flop came 2d 7d 6d
Ivey fires a standard 2/3 pot continuation bet, and Brad Booth moves all in. After thinking for a while Ivey decides to fold.

Did Ivey do the right thing?
Probably not, well I mean mathematically it is ~ 56/44 in Ivey’s favourite, at this kind of flop Brad could have had any pair, any 2 diamonds, 45o, 89o. So in case if Brad had a hand or at least semi bluffed Ivey still had his 56% favourite, but If you consider extra hands like gatshots, and runner-runner spades flush draw Ivey is more than 60% favourite.

However in the games like that it all comes to the read and previous history with players. As you can see Ivey was contemplating whether to call or not. He didn’t make the right decision in this hand, but his strategy and reads help him to determine profitable over the long term.

If you have any other hands that you would like to decide feel free to leave comments, on send me messages on facebook or twitter.

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