How to play against agressive players

Hi Guys, Yesterday played 4x Heads-Up Tables with a $400 Buy-in on each. Here is some interesting hand from one of the tables and a good guide on how to play against aggressive players.

Hold’em No Limit  Heads Up ($2/$4 USD)
SB (Hero) $418
BB $350 (40/35/5/39)

Preflop: ($6) Hero is SB with 1010
Hero Limps $2, BB Raises $20, Hero Calls $16

Flop: ($40) (2 players) 9K3
BB bets 30, Hero raises $70, BB calls $40,

Turn: ($200) (2 players) 8
BB checks, Hero bets $150, BB calls $150 (All in),

River: ($1340.16) K (2 players)

Final Pot: $700
Hero (SB) shows 1010 (pair of tens)
BB shows A9 (Pair of Nines)

Hero wins $700

So the basic idea behind how to play against an aggressive players is that you have to wait for appropriate value hand and appropriate flop to know that you are favourite (70% of the times)
In the situation described above King od Diamonds was definetley a bad hand for me, however he will not have a King in most of situations. Against an aggressive player you can always assume that your middle pair is strong enough to go all in in the right situation at the right time.

Before making a move like that you need to be sure against what kind of player do you play, that is why stats are crucial. If you are playing at the multiple tables at the same time, the only way you can follow on what your opponent does is by having statistics and making the right notes on your opponent.

By the way i have finished yesterday’s session with a total profit of  $1,345 . I have played against 3 agressive guys and one really tight opponent. Don’t forget to follow this blog, shortly I will post my strategy with some examples against tight players. If yo have any questions about this particular hand or any other poker related questions feel free to leave comments here, or ask me on facebook or twitter.


2 comments on “How to play against agressive players

  1. Hey Harry, how many hands do you have on that player?
    From his check/call all in on the turn it looks like to me more of a sticky player than an aggressive player. Aggressive would be him shoving the turn and you calling his mid pair shove, IMO.

    I’d expect to see alot of 3bets/4bets from an aggro; would it be a better play against an aggressive player to raise with TT and shove or call over a 4bet? or you plan to call him down 3 streets on low boards?

    Hope my questions are clear! not too focused on my writing… running deep in the 11$ 20K Guaranteed at the moment 🙂

    P.S what’s your screenname; would love to watch u play

  2. Hi geovarta, thanks for the comment! 🙂 To be exact, I have 735 hands on that particular opponent, all gathered within 2 sessions.

    I think he is more of an aggressive/calling station player. His Aggression factor is quite high on pre-flop and flop, however drops significantly on Turn and River. That explains why he checked/called me on Turn, I do agree that this wasn’t a great move from him, considering the fact that I didn’t bluff most of the time.

    I knew that I was favour after 8c came and he checked. If he moved all in instead of checking I would have called him even though his agro on Turn is quite lower.

    When playing 1 on 1 it is all about the notes rather than stats, that is why I don’t like to play more than 4 tables when HU.

    How did your $11 go? Any major winnings? 😀

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