Latest Full Tilt News 07.02.2012

Laurent Tapie has confirmed the information released by his lawyer Ben Dayanim that the refusal of cooperation from some ex Full Tilt Poker players could stop the takeover agreement. It has been pointed that Group Bernard Tapie (GBT) is not ready to take the company for an extra $16 million generated by Full Tilt Pro players’ debts.

However it has been explained that only some of the players haven’t responded to GBT. Whereas other provided legitimate cooperation and support. Unfortunately the names of the players who haven’t replied to GBT request remains secret.

You can read the statement made by Laurent Tapie bellow (was translated from French)

“As written in PokerStrategy, the argument of the players who say ‘we will refund if the money goes to the players’ is misleading, since they know very well that the players will be refunded ONLY if GBT goes all the way with the takeover, and for that to happen it is necessary that the bulk of money owed by the pros is returned to Full Tilt.” News Source:

If the company will purchase Full Tilt with the $16m debts, it will have to face a shortfall, and GBT is not willing to have that kind of issue including the current financial position of Full Tilt. Therefore it has been decided to block the deal until further notice.

Hopefully within the next few weeks the rest of 19 former Full Tilt Pro Players will be able to find a comprehensive issue solving decision.

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