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Finally, we have some good news from Full Tilt Poker. Today on 2012.02.01 Laurent Tapie  has announced that Full Tilt acquisition should do the deal by the end of February 2012.

Laurent Tapi, who is the son of Group Bernard eponymous owner, has also rejected rumours that Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has anything to do with sabotaging acquisition of Full Tilt Poker. Right after the rumours began to sneak in social media world about the fact that FTP and Department of Justice had agreed to terms and condition of the forfeiture agreement, Tapie confirmed that

“the due diligence process is nearly complete… unless there are last-minute surprises, we hope to do the deal by the end of February.”

It is important to notice that the fact that an agreement between Full Tilt Poker and DOJ has been sign doesn’t allow us to tell for sure when will Full Tilt Poker reopen.

However I personally think that not only this is great news for FTP players, but also for the whole poker community. As soon as Full Tilt Poker will be back the sooner every one of us will feel better. Good luck to Bernad and Laurent Tapie on their way to save Full Tilt Poker players money and accounts.

Don’t forget to follow this blog on the Full Tilt Poker updates. I will try to gather the latest news on FTP on this blog as soon as I will find something that is worth blogging about. Feel free to ask questions in the section bellow the blog, as well as messaging to me on Facebook or Twitter. I will always reply and will try to explain to you everything I can. Good luck to us all.

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One comment on “Latest News on Full Tilt Poker

  1. i read somewhere in Nov 2012 full tilt site will reopen for us players, hopefully my username and password will be restored,,,,,

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