How to get Free Cash on PokerStars

If you are surfing around the internet to find some free cash for your Poker game – search no more.  One of leading Poker Rooms – PokerStars is giving away cash bonuses as part of their 75 Billionth Hand promotion.  The free cash bonuses are distributed between the players on each milestone hand, right until it will hit 75,000,000,000.

How does the free Cash promotion works?
In order to claim the free cash from PokerStars on the 75 billion hand run, you have to be playing on one of the PokerStars tables. If one of the players on your table will hit a milestone hand, then he will get a free cash bonus along with all other members of the table.

Currently the PokerStars Mile Stone promotion is on hand #74724000000 so you still have a few days before it will hit the big 745 billion numbers. PokerStars have given away $2,830.00 for #74723000000 hand, I can’t really imagine how huge the cash bonus will be for the 75 Billionth hand. To be fair I expect it to be at least over $10,000 but it will probably be a lot times more.

If you still haven’t got a PokerStars account or software, you can download it here, if you would like to read the PokerStars review before registering you can visit for additional information.


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