Full Tilt Poker – will it open again?

As many of you already know there has been no recent news from the Full Tilt Poker officials, this is probably not a surprise. The reason being might be the fact that they are too busy with preparing Full Tilt Poker for the grand reopening. However most of the people doubt that. It is more likely that Full Tilt Poker new owners are trying to push through all the legislations which are necessary for the FTP to exist.

If you are asking “will I get my money back from Full Tilt Poker” – the answers for that is foggy.

First of all, it is unclear whether it will be opened on the first place; however it is important to notice that it has been purchased by “Tappie Group” (France). And the only reasons those guys bought it is because they want to launch it again, or not?

Here is how it looks. Full Tilt Poker went bankrupt -> It has been purchased by the French people -> Since the USA poker gambling doesn’t apply to Europe “Tappie group” can do what they like with the site, and we can only speculate on whether that will be good or bad news for players all over the world

In the mean time, you can take a look at some of the other amazing poker sites that are available to UK poker players at gamble.co.uk


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