Full Tilt Poker News

For the last 278 days players all over the world had no opportunity to withdraw money from Full Tilt Poker. Recently we have heard that French Company has purchased FTP, but we haven’t heard any updates on Full Tilt Poker ever since. People are getting really angry and annoyed; the 6,672 hours FTP marathon is definitely something you don’t want to experience.

People all over the internet are asking if they will get their money back ever again, some of them are true fans and point that they will continue to play on Full Tilt Poker if it will reopen.

The” Tappie group” (new owners of Full Tilt Poker) pointed that players should have got their money back in late November, however none of us did. The next date is probably set for the beginning of spring. So we should expect to get our money back from Full Tilt Poker in March. There are lots of great days for Full Tilt to open in March, for example the St. David’s Day on 1st of March, St Patricks Day on March 17th, Mother Sunday on 18th, or even Daylight Saving Time which is March 25th.

It is important to mention that people probably will be able to access their accounts earlier, for example in February, but it doesn’t mean that they will be able to withdraw their money right away; no way will FTP provide that opportunity. So even if Full Tilt Poker will reopen soon I wouldn’t get to excited about getting your money back.


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