Poker FAQs – Part 2

What kind of players are there in Poker?

There are 8 types of poker players.

  1. Rock – is an extremely tight player. If the rock starts acting than he definitely has a good hand.
  2. Nit – is a variation of a Rock player. The only difference is that a Nit player will fold his hand more frequently. Nit players doesn’t like difficult situations on the table, it is always easier for them to fold
  3. Weak-tight is a tight player who doesn’t like to act aggressively. For example he might check/call you on all streets with AA.
  4. TAG – Tight Aggressive player is considered as one of the most dangerous players at any table. Unlike the first free, TAG player acts with a few strong hands but plays them highly aggressively, which becomes quite hard to oppose
  5. Maniac – Maniac is a very loose and extremely aggressive player. He doesn’t really care what cards he has, that only thing that matter for him is to show you that he is better than you are.
  6. LAG – Loose Aggressive Player – this style is very similar to a maniac style of playing, the difference is that LAG player can make a right move and extract the maximum value from the hand he has. He is able to make highly efficient decisions on pre-flop, flop turn and river.
  7. Calling Station – is a player who doesn’t know where the fold button is, instead he plays call all the time. Your best chance to get money from him is to have a value hand.
  8. Donkey – is the sign of a bad poker player. Donkey has no idea what he is doing and why he is doing. His strategy involves completely random moves which absolutely doesn’t make any sense.

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