Randy “nanonoko” Lew Sets New World Record

Recently I have written that Randy “nanonoko” Lew plans to set a new world record. It has been announced that the new world record by nanonoko has been set.
The record itself consists of an 8 hour poker session, which was played on 40 poker tables (at the same time) while remaining profitable. He played a total of 23,493 hands with a profit of $7.65.

For those of you who are interested in beating this record, Randy Lew played at NL $5/$10. However it is unclear whether a new record should be set on the same limit or not.

Lew shared his thoughts after the end of the session:
“I was like, ‘ugh, I’ve got to chase those losses, I really was running horrible. But I was trying to stay focused like ‘You can’t let this get to you.’ But I still played well and tried to play my best, and eventually it worked out. Twelve hundred was rough, though. It could’ve been game over, to be honest.”

Hopefully this is will not be the only record that we will see this year. If you guys want to find out more about PokerStars and their Team Pro, you can read PokerStars Review at poker.gamble.co.uk


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