How to play with 72

Just had a cool experience with 27o on the BTN. You don’t often get a chance to play this hand as a value hand…I think this is a good example of how to play with 72

Hold’em No Limit ($5/$10 USD)

UTG $2700
MP $256.5
CO $1150
(Hero) BTN $1003.13
SB $413.40
BB $670.08 12/11/2/30

Preflop: ($15) Hero is SB with 27
3 folds, Hero Raises $22.5, SB folds, BB Calls $22.5

Flop: ($40) (2 players) 222
BB checks, Hero bets $30, BB calls $30,

Turn: ($100) (2 players) Q
BB checks, Hero bets $80, BB raises $200, Hero bets $417.58, BB calls $417.58 (All in)

River: ($1340.16) 10 (3 players)

Final Pot: $1340.16
Hero (BB) shows 27 (four of kind)
BB shows AA (Full House)

Hero wins $1340.16

I was playing highly aggressive on this table, so I think BB decided to use my aggression against me. Especially in late position actions you don’t expect someone to have AA.
Anyway, SB and BB were playing really tight to I was stealing blinds with a 90% range oh hands. Got lucky ^__^ I think this is the only way how you can play 72 properly.

If you are interested in additional poker strategies you can find them on


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