iPoker network announces new Playtech Poker software

Source: rakeback-account.com

iPoker network – the well-known brand in the poker world has announced new Playtech Poker software which will be available for poker players in the early 2012. iPoker network has already launched such platforms as TitanPoker, Poker770, Bet365, William Hill and others.  A lot of players expect that the new Playtech software will be more user friendly, than the previous ones.

For example most of the players hope that the new Playtech software will include proper auto-blind posting feature, which will allow players to auto post blinds when their turn comes. Some players suggest that a Time Bank feature could be quite handy, at the meantime players have 15 seconds to act, after that the hand will be auto folded. Time Bank allows players to take some extra time to make a decision; this becomes quite handy when you’re participating in a various tournaments and cash games at the same time.

It is also unclear whether the new Playtech Poker software will be compatible with such programs as Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker – which are used by variety of players for mining hands and information about their opponents.


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