Phil Galfond Leaves Bluefire

Phil Galfond, the person who has built Blue Fire Poker website from scratch has announced that he is leaving the website for good.  A high limit poker player has made a statement on 2+2 forum:


As of today, and I are parting ways. It’s very hard to walk away from something I helped build from the ground up, but the most difficult aspect of this is the fact that I’ll miss the community.

Phil Galfond states that he is unsure whether his blog will be moved to another platform or not. Phil will also make 4 more educational videos before leaving community completely.

Even though Phil Galfond Leaves Bluefire he will continue to play his regular high stakes tables and challenge the best players in the world.
Good Luck Phil


2 comments on “Phil Galfond Leaves Bluefire

  1. That is bad for bluefire, I read on his twitter that he was having trouble posting on bluefire but i didn’t know he left. Awesome player.

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