WSOP 2012 $1 Million Buy-in Tournament

WSOP 2012 $1 Million Buy-in Tournament has finally been confirmed. Over the last few months it was unclear if this tornament will take place, however it has been announced that WSOP 2012 $1 Million Buy-in  will take place as a basic WSOP event in 2012.

This WSOP tournament was organised by Guy Laliberte – the owner of One Drop fund and CEO of Cirque du Soleil corporation in cooperation with WSOP officials. It has been pointed that 11,11% from buy in will be donated to One Drop fund to help people in Africa who are desperate for clean water.

It has also been announced that 22 players have already signed in for this tournament. The maximum amount of players is limited at 48 players, which is really a shame.  Among the ones who have already signed in are: Tom “durrrrr” Dwan, Gus Hansen,  Daniel Negreanu, Patrick Antonius and others. This tournament will also be available for 3 satellites winners.

There are still 26 places for this tournament. ESPN will cover this WSOP 2012 $1 Million Buy-in Tournament on July 1-3, 2012.


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