Results of PokerStars record breaking Tournament

It seams that the massive PokerStars record breaking tournament is over. The amount of bad players is probably also a record =D, after  the first brake from 200k players was 100k left. Which is more standard for freerolls. Anyway, here are our  top10 winners:

1st: sokoluk1991 (Russia) — $40,258.83
2nd: Kaitz20 (Estonia) — $34,000
3rd: King-2-Z (United Kingdom) — $25,741.17
4th: tristan2287 (Spain) — $10,000
5th: RaZorFaZoR (Germany) — $8,000
6th: casasola10 (Costa Rica) — $6,500
7th: Bjoornkjaer (Denmark) — $5,250
8th: pumata13 (Bulgaria) — $4,000
9th: herbert68 (Germany) — $3,000
10th: Garin4o (Ukraine) — $2,250

Good work guys!


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