Why Phil Hellmuth is so Unlucky in Cash Games? (Part 2)

Source: casinopoker365.com

Secondly, I think that Phil Hellmuth focuses on his ego too much. So rather than focusing on the game itself, Phil is focuses on his persona. Phil Hellmuth thinks that everyone at the table has a proper respect for each hand that he is involved in. However they don’t.

Thirdly, lets be honest here, Phil Hellmuth doesn’t have enough skill to compete against the world best cash game players. We have discussed the reason for that in the first part (applying tournament strategy to cash games). You can see a lot of times Phil Hellmuth states that he plays “one hand per hour and still they call him with the worst hands”. Isn’t that obvious?  How do you play against a rock? That’s right you loosen up your game a bit. And that is exactly what everyone does. Phil states that he won his 11 bracelets by trapping opponents   –  this is a very good strategy on WSOP field, especially if half of the participators are fish. Which makes it easier to trap bad players, however doesn’t work when you play against Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan.

Finally, we can not point any particular case for Phil Hellmuth cash games fails, I think that is is a mix of all of the issues in one case.


2 comments on “Why Phil Hellmuth is so Unlucky in Cash Games? (Part 2)

  1. I think the main issue is that he is so well known and his style of play is studied so much. He’s written countless books on tournament, cash game and online poker, and I’m sure hundreds of thousands of people have read it.
    Also, the game has fundamentally changed with the online poker craze. Better or worse, you see some crazy hands being played. Hellmuth happens to be one of the old timers, and the new generation is taking over.

  2. mkmasn, I agrre, new online player definetley have an edge over old school pro’s. However Phil Hellmuth is always one of the top winers within the last years in real Tournaments. I think that the reason why online players are so succesfull is because they were able to tailor poker software in to the game, like HM, or PT. So for them the game is more about numbers. On the other hand, Phil Hellmuth uses his MTT skills on the real battlefield where a software can’t be implied.

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