Why Phil Hellmuth is so unlucky in Cash Games? (Part 1)

Why Phill Hellmuth is so unlucky in cash games

Source: imaconlinepoker.com

Phil Hellmuth is world wide known for his 11 WSOP bracelets and his bad attitude at the poker table. Let’s be honest, his poker brat performance is exactly why we love him so much. Most of the people who watch his poker game in real tournaments and cash games have no interest in his performance whatsoever, instead they are looking for the “blows up” which are related with Phil Hellmuth. I would say that his emotional instability is part of his trademark… Anyway, after watching Phil Hellmuth loses in every single TV Cash Games shows, a lot of people began to wonder how the hell did he claim 11 WSOP bracelets and yet is so unlucky in  cash games? I mean, from the viewer perspective it seams that all Phil Hellmuth does is complaining about how bad everyone plays except himself. So how did he actually managed to be so successful in Tournament games and is so unlucky in cash games?

First of all Cash games are completely different from the Tournament games. There are a lot of factors that affect a tournament player, which however doesn’t relate that much to a cash game player. For example blinds do not grow at the cash game as they are in MTT, Tournaments are more time consuming. You can’t just sit out at any time (well, technically you can, but that will not do any good for your stack). The strategy should always change accordingly to your stack size, those are just the main difference, however there are a lot more than just that.Pursuing this further we make an assumption that you can not use the same strategy which you use for Tournaments and apply it for the Cash Games. The dynamics of those games is completely different.


2 comments on “Why Phil Hellmuth is so unlucky in Cash Games? (Part 1)

  1. HAHAHA, there is nothing more I love in life than watching Hellmuth getting dismantled in cash games. Guy might be one of the best tournament players on the face of the planet, but he simply doesn’t know how to play cash games. I don’t blame him, cash games are a totally different beast and the aggression in these high stakes games makes for wild swings. Along with his runlikeshit luck, it makes for some hilarious commentary from Phil.

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