How to become a professional poker player?

Within the last few years I have received a lot of questions about “how to become a professional poker player” Most of people think that earning money is the main aim of poker players. But unfortunately a lot of people underestimate the fact that earning money is a result, not an aim. From my perspective this is the fundamental difference between successful players and unlucky fellows. For the professional players the main aim is to make the right moves, and play the game on the level that would satisfy them, even if they loose, however  for the middle and low level players the aim is to make profits. Which is absolutely wrong in terms of intent.

Professional poker players like the game itself, they are feeling the passion and temptation for the game. For them, the game is not just part of their life –  it is their life, besides that if you watch a few interviews with professional poker players all of them say that money was never an aim, simultaneously you can spot that professional athletes, musicians and other famous and well known people say the same thing, this indicates that principle doesn’t only apply to poker players.

So generally speaking if a person wants to become a professional, he should treat the game as professional. If you treat the game professionally, it will reward you the same way.


3 comments on “How to become a professional poker player?

  1. “earning money is a result, not an aim. ” Great quote. Many players get tied up in results and not how they are playing. You can make all the right plays, but luck will always play a part in the outcome. You expect to win each pot you are ahead and and you get disappointed when you lose. As long as you are making correct DECISIONS, the RESULTS will take care of themselves in the long run. If one pot lost effects your emotional state, you are playing outside of you bankroll or you need to begin to detach your emotions from those meaningless paper cards and start focusing on making statistically +EV plays.

    • “if one pot lost effects your emotional state” is another good quote. If I get beat pretty bad, it’s time to get up and either take a break or go home. I see so many people get beat, go on tilt and keep buying chips.

      • Also, I think it’s ok to play poker with the aim of making money. For every player at the last table of the WSOP, there’s thousands more who make their living at small stake games. It’s really just having your goal and a plan and don’t deviate. I play poker for rent because I enjoy playing poker and I’m decent at it. And like what was said, as long as my play stays consistent, it will all work itself out, yea?

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