How do you Play Pot Limit Omaha?

Hi everyone. I decided to broaden my knowledge by learning some additional poker games. No Limit Texas Holdem is a great game however I want to dedicate some of my time learning Pot Limit Omaha and how on earth do you play it.  I did play it before, however that was a long time ago on Full Tilt NL$10. Some articles suggest that it is quite hard for a successful high stakes No Limit Holdem poker player to switch on the same high limit in Pot Limit Omaha.  So I think I will start with PLO$50 and see how it goes.

So for those of you who don’t know how to play pot limit Omaha here are the basics:
* You’ve been dealt with 4 pocket cards
* 5 community cards (same as in Texas Holdem NL)
* You need to combine only 2 of your pocket cards with 3 board cards  in order to make the best combination (2+3=5) Pot Limit Omaha combinations are exactly the same as in No Limit Texas Holdem
* The amount that you can beat is limited by the pot size

So anyway i will inform you on how my progress is going towards learning “how do you play Pot Limit Omaha” hope it will not be that hard…


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