FTP Waiver signed – a new hope for poker players

Ray Bitar. Source: calvinayre.com

Finally, a big step forward has been done. Full Tilt Poker board members including Ray Bitar, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Rafe Furst have signed a waiver. Which means that FTP doesn’t belong to them any-more.  Which is great for us, because the French man Tapie now has an opportunity to purchase this company and pay out all the debts to former FTP players. So hopefully we will see some gradual progress and official statements from Tapie in the next few days…fingers crossed…


One comment on “FTP Waiver signed – a new hope for poker players

  1. This is finally some positive news. I had a substantial amount of money in my account in Black Friday so it is nice to see that we will be getting that back hopefully soon.

    I have a poker blog as well if you are interested full of strategy which I am in the process of transferring over to the ZazenLIfe Community.

    Check it out if your interested:


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