We will get our money back from Full Tilt Poker before the end of November

FTP reopensFinally, the day has come.  Laurent Tapie has confirmed that Full Tilt Poker  will be reimburse within the next 15 days. Which mean that US and European players will probably have an opportunity to get their accounts back and withdraw money from FTP.

It is also has been announced that due to legislation process the European players will be able to access their accounts within the next 4-5 days. Which is absolutely great. It states that DOJ reimburse US players and Groupe Bernard Tapie (the French Company) will pay back to the rest of the world (mainly European players) Tapie stresses – « The payment terms are defined. We will draft an agreement by the end of the week and should sign it within the next 15 days, and we will issue a statement shortly after that will provide more information. »

The interesting thing is that Full Tilt Poker owes $5,000,000.00 to French players. So the amount that those companies will be paying to the players all over the world is just enormous.

Let us not forget that those bastards at FTP owe me $3,750.50 ! That’s right, after having a proper 3 hours FTP Rush Session playing 4 tables at the same time on NL$400. I was up almost $1.300. Thought that I will withdraw them on Saturday. Actually after Full Tilt Poker closer on Friday I have withdrawn my money from every single poker Room in which I had some cash left. Including Poker Stars, Party Poker, and 2 Ipoker network platforms – Titan Poker and bet365. Which all together made my bank account $18,000.00 wealthier 😉 Anyway, I’m looking forward to access my account on Full Tilt Poker, daddy needs some cha-ching $$$.

There was a rumour that FTP will not pay out the cash back to the players, however I must say that if they will do that, then there will be absolutely no one who will make a deposit at Full Tilt poker afterwards.  So it is in their own interest to pay ot to every single player in the world. So hopefully we will get our cash back from FTP in a short period of time 😉 Good Luck to everyone.


2 comments on “We will get our money back from Full Tilt Poker before the end of November

  1. Thats a good news! Besides the money FTP is still owing me I am also interested in playing rushpoker again. The article states that the reimbursement is supposed to start within the next days and that European Players are then able to access their accounts. Hopefully this will include a relaunch of their site. I can remember a $ 500 bonus which I was clearing before they went offline 😉

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