Biggest pot i ever played online

So here is the hand which I played on NL400 a few months ago. This is my biggest pot I ever played so far. So I hope you will share your thoughts after reviewing it 🙂

Hold’em No Limit ($2/$4 USD)

UTG $560 14/14/1.7/32
MP $390.50
CO $113
BTN $525.98 25/17/5/42
SB $246.13 16/5/2/30
Hero (BB) $490.75

Preflop: ($6) Hero is BB with AQ
UTG bets $6, 2 folds, BTN calls 6$, SB calls $6, Hero raises $30, UTG calls $30, BTN calls 30, SB calls $30.

Flop: ($122) A 2 9 (4 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $80, UTG calls $80, BTN calls $80, SB calls $80.

Turn: ($444) Q (4 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG bets $450 (All-in), BTN calls $415.98 (All-in), SB folds, Hero calls $380.75 (All in)

River: ($1614.73) 8 (3 players)

Final Pot: $1614.73
Hero (BB) shows AQ (two pairs)
UTG shows AK (pair of Aces)
BTN shows KT (Ace high)

Hero wins $1588.25

So here’s what I was thinking while going through my biggest pot.
On pre-flop I had a pretty marginal hand – AQo. This hand is not bad for 6max table. However after tight UTG raised I was contemplating of making a fold.  Especially including the fact that I was out of position on the flop. But after 2 more players Cold Called I decided that this is a good chance for me to squeeze them. If UTG has a strong hand like QQ+ AK+ he would probably 4-bet because his 4bet range was 2%. Which is really tight for 6max. Anyway, if he will 4 bet I can make an easy fold. If he folds i will probably have to play against Loose Aggressive player and Tight Passive. I could make a easy CB bet and force SB to fold almost on any flop. Which will leave me against one aggressive player. And against this guy I have a very good hand.

After I raised happened something which I didn’t expect at all. Everyone called. I didn’t have enough hands on UTG player (850) to make a popper decision on his call with 3bet range. However i thought that he was either trying to trap other players, or he was looking for a suitable flop. Any way, it didn’t make any sense for him. If he had a hand he should have made 4bet pre-flop. Anyway, after 2 more players called 3-bet I was about to give up.

Flop came A 2 9 rainbow.
At this point I was only worried about UTG, there were only two potential hands that can beat me and which make sense. It was either AA or AK,  I was not worried about BTN  because this guys could pretty much have hands like 22+ A8s+ KJs+. Since SB had a 2% pre flop CC range I decided that most of the time he would probably have pocket pairs, even though the odds for calling are terrible for him. In this situation against those kind of players I was in way ahead way behind situation. I decided to make a standard CB bet, however this was definitely not a value bet. My plan was to make BET/FOLD play, and then CHECK/FOLD Turn.

Everyone called again, which was really wired. Turn was a Qc. I decided that if SB checks than he definitely doesn’t have  a set. Because at this point he should have tried to increase the pot. I checked behind, and UTG moved all in with a pot bet, BTN CC behind, SB folded. At this point i was pretty sure that i was up against UTG’s AK, AA. Since  the board started to look more wet I thought that BTN might have a straight or flash draw, with one pair, or A9 at this point. His WTSD was way to high to assume that he 100% hit a set. So I decided to move all in as well.

It has been almost 5 months since my biggest pot has been played. I can’t say that I would have changed a lot in this pot. However I do regret that I didn’t have enough hands history for some of the players.


2 comments on “Biggest pot i ever played online

  1. haha this is such a sick hand, I wish action was like this online again and I know it eventually will be once the US regulates it. As played, you had to get your entire stack in although I would be waiting for someone to flip over a set once we got it in 3 way. Beautiful hand and nice result. The biggest pot I played was in a live casino. I had KK, we got it all in pre-flop against 99 and 6-8 suited (LOL.) Flop comes 9 6 8 (I threw up), turn 6, river….well you guessed it, that GOOD KING. Pot was around $1400, it was a 2/5 NL game. The guy with 6-8 was on monkey tilt trying to outplay the guy with 99. I knew this, and flatted the guy with 99 preflop, knowing the guy with 6-8 was going to squeeze. 99 shoves, and i send it in as well. I guess 6-8 thought he was getting good odds? (he wasn’t), but it was a hell of a sweat of a hand!

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